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Awning to Canopy Brackets

Pipe Bar Bracket installed over canvas canopy.jpg
Awning to canopy Brackets.jpg
79series finished side view .jpg

Tough Touring manufactures 100% Australian made MILD STEEL Bracket Kits specifically designed for Fitting up Poleless wing awnings directly to your existing Steel, Aluminium or Canvas canopies. We also have Brackets to fit to Pipe/Ladder bars and or Hoop Bars.

2.5 - 2.7m Long awnings need at least a 1650mm long rack, While shorter awnings like the Ostrich Junior can be fitted to racks as short as 1400mm)

All our Canopy Racks are made in the UP Posistion, as typically Side or rear access doors will foul on awnings. 

Most of our Tough Touring Bracket kits  for Canopys and Pipe Bar racks have to be  fitted up Using  Nutserts or Rivnuts. (Video of a Nutsert tool tutorial here) If you have a Roof rack already mounted to your canopy - You will need to purchase AWNING TO RACK brackets... They are listed on another page in this website - See them Here 'Awning to Roof rack brackets"


The  majority of dual cab ute Canopies are less than 1650mm Long - and are thus unable to take the load or Length of most types of Pole Less Awnings - (Most are 2.5m - 2.7m Long) Recently Ostrich released a shorter version of their  Ostrich wing - "Ostrich Junior" is 2.0m long on the Arms and is lighter at just 18kgs - It can be fitted to most Dual Cab utes and smaller vehicles with smaller roof racks. without any modifications. 
If your an owner of a Dual cab 4x4 wanting to fit our brackets for your pole less awning - and your awning is over 20kgs - Longer than 2m - We'd reccomment that You need the awning to be fitted to the canopy at two points , with a third articulating (flexing) front support bracket also fitted forward over the cab to stop the front of the awning flopping about. - See "Awning to 3 Point Dual Cab" brackets above. 


We manufacture components for professional fitters. It is impossible for us to assist with Fitting advice all hours. Be curteous and respectful when seeking assistance, and where possible - Hire professional tradesmen for any bracket set that needs nutserting or drilling for fittment. 

If Installing these brackets to a Canopy top or Canopy Face, and there is no access to normal nuts and bolts. The kits are supplied with High quality Nutserts (Rivnuts) to allow a solid Capive Nut to be inserted into any sheetmetal surface. For instruction and demonstration of these tools, see the You tube video on this page "Kingchrome Riv Nut driver demo"

Toyota 79 Series fitted with Bundutop tent over cab by Tough Touring.jpg

Please Note:

We would suggest consulting with your fitter before assuming your chosen tent, awning, rack/canopy will all work together!

Awning to canopy REAR.jpg

Tough Touring Dual cab Over Cab Roof racks are the perfect mounting platform for Poleless Wing awnings on vehicles that have shorter canopies and cabs. 

79series finished side view .jpg
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