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Buswakka 'MEG' Hybrid Camper Awning

A Budget awning with full 360 degree coverage, The  Only Trussed 360 awning on the market at time of writing suited to large Hybrid campers. (FEB 2023)

Purpose built for Hybrid camper Trailers, the awning boasts an impressive 20+ MSqm of coverage, with heavy duty Polyester   and Aluminium construction, its built for as much strenth in wind as possible within this weight range, Our recent installs have shown that it Can be run fully Pole less... (IT does come with Poles pre-fitted on every arm too which is a major plus as it can be guyed down effectively).

We are Pre -purchasing these awnings for customers wishing to install them... As wait times can be several months direct from Bushwakka - So we usually try keep a few here for our own installations.. 

Bushwakka is supplying these in 4.2 and 3.8m lengths at present, Usually Suiting teh 13 and 14ft Hybrids, quite well. (Hybrid pop top lengths of between 3.6 and 4.0m) 


Freight Component
Shipping the 4m Long Awnings  to us in Victoria from brisbane costs a small fortune. ($1250 for a single awning) - So you will see our prices are $250 higher than the advertised retail price of the awning direct from Bushwakka. If you live in QLD or NSW - you will be better off buying this awning direct from bushwakka HQ (QLD) .
For Victorian customers we have done the leg work for you, and split the shipping costs ($1250 for 1-5 awnings) -So we order them in batches of 5 to split shipping costs across the 5 - it works out cheaper for us Vicco's.... (Shipping thus shared across 5 customers) - $250 Each... 


Materials used on the MEG are seemingly a waterproof coated Polyester, consistent with the majority of Chinese awnings we've seen in the past. The Bag is a duarable Nylon - (looks to be same material as other brands are using). Aluminium and welds are good quality and well finished overall. Manufacturing is precise - we'd guess Country of manufacturing origin to be China - but could be wrong ! (Higher quality wrokmanship than you see on South African built awnings,  but more emphasist on quality finish than quality materials.) 


What we Like

At present this is the top pic for Hybrids wanting a truly pole less free-standing awning. There are not any other choices really, as this is the only one the right length to cover the required kitchen / Fridge and trussed.



We would suggest that the Centre section of the awning will require a support pole (Not supplied) as pooling is likely with the design lacking any pitch poles. 

The Polyester fabric looks  sturdy enough -  and while its going to be very waterproof - I wouldn't say its going to go too well near hot embers. (Being a plastic blend / Polyester). Trusses are very lightweight aluminium , with quite a bit of flex present compared to top end Pole less awnings that were used too - (Like the Boss, Ostrich, Bush Co) - These MEG awnings are definatly working towards a lighter build - and fair enough! They have too as the sizes required are so large the use of heavier materials is probably going to also be a problem as the wieight of this much fabric is already pushing up towards 50Kgs. - A Lot of weight to hang off your trailer. 

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