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Off Road Touring - Are You Suited to the challenges? 

East Coast Australia - Melbourne to Noosa Heads

Our own Enthusiasm for roof top tents and Large 4wd Vehicles is born of the desire to take that unknown route, to stay where you stop, to tread lightly and be gone again by daybreak. In Australia - while it seems most of our wild life is lethal - There is Harmony in Nature - and staying away from other people and immersing yourself in nature feels safer to me. If you have gone that bit further than anyone else, you will probably not get disturbed in the night by hooligans.

While our videos below show some very remote locations, others are within 10kms of cities and towns - This style of 'Stealth' Overnight off grid camping is a way of life for me after a lifetime of Surfing till dark, finding a place to sleep in Vans and Panel vans, Parks, Swags, Tents - Whatever  - Lessons learned are to get a bit out of the way of council workers and stay invisible from other people and you won't have trouble. 

If your not afraid of the unknow route, and your mentally prepared to take what you get - (And enjoy the challenge) , Off road touring style of travel is awesome. Van Life Style of Travel is similar in many ways - however Vans don't tent to have the same level of comfort in rugged terrain - And clearance and Bogging issues with getting stuck without winches etc can be a nightmare. (So I stuck mostly to the road during my Van style touring travel). 

Heading into Central Australia
Roof top tent Tricks and Tips 

Built your truck so that you don't have to use ladders to get in and out of the tent. 

Carry Recovery tracks in an easy to access position as you'll use them almost every day to drive onto and level up for a good nights sleep. 

Crack open any closed Tent when your not using it or when your storing it - changes in temperature and humidity will cause condensation in any closed vessel... Thick mattresses and Bedding will hold moisture that you can't see...

Carry Plenty of water. Practice vehicle recovery. When possible travel in company.

Take your rubish with you and bury faeces

Do not own/Carry or use baby wipes or anything that is not biodegradable.   

Try to minimise Gear - If it isn't multi - purpose - replace it with somthing else that is.

Buy quality gear - Its cheaper even in short term and re-sellable. 

Learn to fix and service most things you travel with yourself.

Understand how your gear works, so you can diagnose and manage equipment failures well.. 

Carry the tools you need to fix your priority equipment with you. Because Everything breaks. If your going to travel and blambe everyone else for all your broken gear. You are clearly not cut out for these challenges - as gear maintenence / service and repair technicians are going to be too far away to help.
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Part 1: Northern Territory touring with kids
Practicing getting stuck in a 4wd in Toolangi
Back of Alice Springs and Ancient Larapinta
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