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Pole Less WING awnings

Tough Touring Locally Supports and Stocks only trussed poleless wing awning designs for sale and install - We've chosen carefully on the basis of Our experiences with local weather conditions,  The Criteria which we select our stock on are :

* Fast to put up,

* Strong and sturdy in wind and poor weather * Excellent coverage. for Swag / around vehicle
* Multi Use / Wall Kits / Privacy / Wind Protection
* Water Run off. Night Pinning.
* Environmentally Friendly Manufacture - Long term life span, spare parts supply and repairable.
* Swing out arm lengths - 2.5m gives good shade in lower sun angles consistent with Victorian Lattitude.

Our Choice of the Top Awnings available:

The use of cheap imports off all kinds of offroad equipment is dire to our environment.  Buy Australian or at the very least  buy quality so that your only paying once.  Chinese Manufactured Awnings tend to have poor Mould protection, as well as generally lower grade materials. Be wary of anything of chinese origin as packing wet can quickly destroy your gear.

Our preferred awnings are also multi-purpose -   'Multi purpose' - Means they offer additional wall kit options.  We only accept awnings in this category that  have ZIP in wall kits.  As Velcro on walls will let go over time.

Pole Less awnings can be 'Pinned' at night - or if left unattended. The Last arm is simply swung back and Pinned shut in seconds.  (This Gives RTT occupants a 360 Degree view around the vehicle, and prevents any flapping overnight.)

 Awnings Presently Supported and reccommended  by  Tough Touring 

Sheild 6 by Supa peg.webp

Made in Australia available for special order.


Made in Australia. Available for custom or special orders.

BUndutec 360 awning.jpg
Amarok Side.jpg
Boss Awning arms close up.jpg

We have a long-term relationships with our South African Suppliers - South Africa is the melting pot of innovative touring design, and companies operating there face immense competition to survive.


They tend to use quality materials in their builds and experience and variations over time tend to bring forth excellent products with great longevity. 

Boss Awning open 1.jpg
Ostrich Wing Awning Coverage.jpg
Patriot with Ostrich 2.jpg
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