Poleless Awnings

The Australian story starts some 23 years ago when Patent law stopped South African importers bringing quality 270-degree swing-out awnings into Australia. As a result, a flood of Chinese manufactured 'Pull out' designs became the norm here (that design did not infringe on patents which last 20 years). 

That 20-year patent ended about 3 years ago and swing-out poleless awnings again started to pop up in Australia. 

That base design is called a 270 awning - pulling out and wrapping around the back of the vehicle - structurally a simple and strong design with all arms and axis of the same size giving immense structural strength, especially if the arms themselves are also 'trussed' or triangulated.

We have sourced and fitted more than 10 brands of poleless wing awnings fitted them to our own vehicles and tested them - The shortlist of manufacturers we have fitted and tested over time are listed here: 

Like the roof tents - all of the above awnings have their pros and cons, some new competition has also come into the market with Quick Pitch, Supa Peg and The Bush Company bringing out solid quality competition of late.

We Manufacture Brackets to fit these awnings to your vehicle/rack or tent. See Fitting Kits for more information. All components are Australian made using local steel and powdercoating. 

Any questions on poleless awnings in general call us for a chat.

Rear universal Mount Tough Touring.JPG

Tough Touring poleless awning bracket, 30-second awn to tent Fitted with Tough Touring 'Bundu bracket kit,' Darche Eclipse awning fitted to Bundutop tent using 'Bundu bracket kit,' Ostrich awn to rhino rack using Tough Touring Universal pole less awning bracket kit"  Manta 270 awn to rhino platform rack (TT Universal poleless awning brackets again) Ostrich awn to a custom bracket on conqueror uev, Manta 270 to Canopy. All awnings fitted using tough touring brackets see 'FIT KITS' for bracket types for your application.