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Ostrich 270 Wing Awning

The Ostrich 270 Wing Awning made by African Offroad is a fully trussed aluminium framed awning that pivots through 270 degrees. It features a 100% canvas canopy, a 100% canvas bag, (allowing the canopy to dry out without smelling mouldy). The awning also has oversized YKK Zippers and is manufactured in South Africa to a  high standard. Its company Moto "Not Fragile" Sums it up. This is the Origional Pole Less wing awning and its design and usability in poor weather sets the bar for the many that have copied its design since. 

Ostrich wing awning on Tough Touring Roof rack 200 Series Land Cruiser LC 200.jpg
We would recommend fitting strong quality brackets with this awning. For more information click on links below:

This awning must have a secure / rigid mount to maximise its strength at least 1800 mm between its mounting points.

It is armed with the most usable features of any poleless awning tested to date - It runs rated eyebolts at the ends for tiedown points in heavy weather. The Company's "not fragile" slogan on the awning's name tag sums it up. Its Versatile design makes it the winner in all our testing in every weather condition we've put it in - Heat, wind, Rain, Snow and all 4 in one day. (THats Victoria). It doubles as a privacy room in the deserts, it works as a wind break on the coast, and it'll keep swag campers dry in swirling wind in mountains if you add the walls. It truly is VERSATILE. and thats why we like it. 

The arms are 2.45m long, It has a pitchpole in the center and you can set up is under 15 seconds. Pack-up is about 25 seconds. That the canvas canopy actually fits into the bag easily and will dry inside without opening it up again when you get home. Bloody Unreal .

Wall kits are heavy duty canvas also, the use of massive zipper teeth allow walls that are dirty or mud infused to still zip up. Every wall fits every panel, even sideways.

This is a great value product with a bit of a rough finish, however better finished awnings like the bush Co XT and Boss awnings cost more... Bang for Buck this awning is by comparison a steal. It has good supply channels, an excellent warranty and  spare parts flow throuh to customers fairly quickly - Making it totally repairable in the event of damage -  It is built for a lifetime of use.

Installation of this awning (and all pole less awnings) requires the pivoting rear of the awning to have twist-resistant secure mounting points.  See our Fitting kits page for brackets to fit it to your rack, tent or vehicle directly.

Mounting the awning is straightforward once bracktes are on, and the awning comes with 20mm spacers that are adjustable up and down via 4 T Bolts.  The awning offers great coverage with arms extending 2.45m from the pivot point.  The back plate allows mounting points to be up to 2150 mm apart.

Ostrich has now added a smaller awning to its range Suits dual cabs - Only 18Kgs the "Ostrich Junior"

79series finished side view .jpg

" The Ostrich has been the benchmark 4wd awning for over 30 years. And as far as we know - Its still sitting on top and at a great price next to its competition."

LC 200 with Ostrich wing awning.jpg
Amarok Back.jpg
Ostrich Wing Awning 
(3 Poles Version) 

Ostrich Wing Wall Kit 

(4 walls - 1 door,
2 Blank Panels and
1 window) 

Ostrich Wing Junior Awning (3 pole version) 2.2m 

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