Ostrich 270 Wing Awning

The Ostrich 270 Wing Awning made by African Offroad is a fully trussed aluminium framed awning that pivots through 270 degrees. It features a 100% canvas canopy, a 100% canvas bag, (allowing the canopy to dry out without smelling mouldy). The awning also has oversized YKK Zippers and is manufactured in South Africa to a reasonably high standard.


It's armed feature rated eyebolts at the ends for tiedown points in heavy weather. The Company's "not fragile" slogan on the awning's name tag sums it up. This awning is tough.

The arms are 2.45m long, It has a pitchpole in the centre front and set up is under 15 seconds. Pack-up is a less than pedestrian 25 seconds. A refreshing feature being that the canvas rolls up and actually fits into the bag easily without breaking a sweat. This awning takes strength and speed to new levels. (It is the easiest to set up and pack away that we've tested).

Wall kits are available also, the use of massive zipper teeth allow walls that are dirty or mud infused to still zip up. Every wall fits every panel, even sideways.

This is a good value product with good supply channels, an excellent warranty and all spare parts available. The awning is built to be repairable with all components removable. It is built for a lifetime of use.

Installation of this awning (and all poleless awnings) requires the pivoting rear of the awning to have twist-resistant secure mounting points. There is a bracket kit included with the awning which is suitable for some racks and canopies - however custom brackets are usually a good option to get the awning rigid and to perform its best in windy conditions.

Mounting the awning is straightforward and mounts are the closest to 'easily removable' that we've seen out of the box.

We would recommend fitting strong quality brackets with this awning. See links below.

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