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Rooftop Tents - Hard Shell

Tough Touring continues to test and stock Australia's largest range of top end hard-shell roof-top tents. 

We test and rate Many brands of Roof top tents and we judge their performance on the below qualities:

I have usually pre-purchased 5 or 6 brands of tents that were excited about 'right now' as shipping times on in demand RTT can be as long as 4 months... Tough Touring continues to seek 'The worlds best Roof top tent" - to be true - the worlds best roof top tent is going to be different for everybody... We get it. We may be able to steer you along your path a little bit though as we have litterally fitted 1000's of tents to vehicles and have ongoing relationships with most of our customers. 


  • Comfort Overall is a major and so is how long it lasts

  • Comfort in Extreme wind (over 40 km/h)

  • Comfort in Rain

  • Comfort in Tropical Humidity

  • Comfort in Toilet trips / zippers accessability/Ladders

  • Comfort in cold (For Australia temperatures of -5 to zero degrees Celsius) and how much bedding fits.

  • Adaptability to other touring accessories such as awnings and solar on its body or ontop.

  • Roof load carrying capabilities

  • Ease of use, set up and pack down

  • Interior finish, vibe, internal storage of gear.

  • Airflow and cross ventilation.

  • Mattress comfort.

  • Overall cosmetic appeal on vehicle

  • Resistance to mould and moisture repelling qualities.

  • Longevity of construction materials.

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