Awning to Roof Rack Fitting Kits

Tough Touring manufactures 100% Australian made brackets specifically designed for the immense loads exerted by Poleless wing awnings.

At present, broadly speaking there four kits available to fit a Poleless Awning to virtually any type of rack. They are UP Mount,  Face Mount  and DOWN mount Brackets. Poleless wing awings can be hung directly onto Rhino Racks using our 'Awning to RHINO Pioneer '  and you can also mount Poleless Awnings to Basket Racks using our Awning to Basket Rack kit.  

More information can be found on the links below:

Many awnings to Rack combinations are difficult to make work due to being too short (Dual Cab utes), tight clearances (105 and 200 series toyota) , Edge of rack has a lip (Front runner) or little room for door clearances (GQ,GU Patrol) , Big Tyres and Lift can pose major problems with awning positioning versus your head or reach height - Also many racks are simply not designed to take the weight or loads of Pole less wing awnings. Rhino Pioneer and Yakima racks in particular are lovely racks with North South orientated planks, Great for minimising wind noise, but not designed to handle the twist of pole less awnings, Also most racks have radius plastic corners - where you need a solid square edge at the back corner... 

We now offer an under rack stiffening plank for some racks. (Rhino pioneer for example) its available on our shop page  - however please be aware that the rack was not meant for pole less awnings, and fitting any of our gear is a modification that voids the rack manufacturers warranites. 

We manufacture strengthening brackets below that give people wanting to modify their rack to take these Awnings a big head start in their set ups. Please read the Instructions included on this page to check to see if you are in fact capable of performing these modifications yourself.  We manufacture components for professional fitters. 

Our brackets are pre-drilled to allow simple fitment of the following products:

Please Note:

We would suggest consulting with your fitter before assuming your chosen tent, awning, rack/canopy will all work together!

Click below for further images specifically related to the following rack types:

200 Series to Rhino rack instructions here 

Download UP mount Awning to Rack bracket Install  Instructions here (Inc. Toyota Troopcarrier  and Defender 110 Variants)

Other awnings may be supported - mounting holes in brackets suit rear and front plate mount points from 80mm - 135mm). Please advise awning and rack type at the time of purchase, as they are all different.