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Bundutec 360 Degree Awning

A Brilliant awning offering the most Sun and Rain shelter known to us - Its 'Pitch perfect" with a taut even set - brilliant design, rainfall will run off this awning evenly creating less puddling and splash than the competition in rainfall. 

Its lightweight for its size too at around 40kgs - and this could be seen as its best asset as well as its worst downfall. 

With 20 squ M of coverage, it offers more space underneath than my flat. (ITS HUGE) - to get that kind of coverage at just 40kgs is a matter of reducing material thicknesses and structures to achieve ultimate light weight. 

With all those weight savings the Bundutec 360 becomes a fair weather awning. While its perfect design will handle a light breeze across or over its back, Headwinds exceeding 15knots will create 300+KGS of lift and thus destroy the awning or rack instantly. Guying it down will help initially - but in the end - something will give - and quickly. 

Suitable for predictable weather only - or sheltered camping areas - certainly not designed to be set up and left unattended - this is an awning designed for the most coverage the quickest - and it holds our hearts as the awning we love but have to be really carefull with in  our windy and ever changing weather in  southern states. 

Eezi Trail Parkes with Bundutec Awning 2.jpg
Bundutec Awning SET UP 2.jpg
Bundutec Hybrid Custom 360 wing.png
This Awning has recently been promoted (By Customers) for use on Hybrid campers in Australia -

While its coverage is PERFECT for their application - The Bundutec 360 awning is not suitable for windy conditions and needs to be packed down at night and while un-attended. These is no warranty coverage for damage occasioned by wind/incorrect set up or pack up. 

To Fit this awning to a Hybrid camper see our instructions below on ordering the correct size and brackets required.
Bundutec Awning SET UP.jpg
Bundutec Awning SET UP 3.jpg
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