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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Roof-top tent?

There is no 'best' roof-top tent, and, the "best" tent for some will probably not suit the next person. Factors determining whats going to work for you are based on what you find important and could include the following:

  • Your height

  • How it looks on the vehicle versus storage when it is closed

  • Stability in wind versus awning protection

  • Adequate comfort internally versus a lower profile

  • Weight versus strength

  • What loads you carry on the tent top

  • Gutter or rail mount racks on your vehicle

  • Canopy considerations. Can you access it from the rear or side?

  • Air flow

  • Visibility - 4 way or 3

  • Typical temperature ranges of areas traveled (Deserts are extreme)

  • Solar power requirements

  • Your budget

  • How long you are accommodated in the tent versus other factors above

  • Does the tent need to be removable when not in use?

  • Speed and ease of setup and pack down.

  • Importance of ease of set up and level of comfort in adverse weather

Do you already have hard shell tents in stock and ready to go?

Tough Touring pre-orders hard shell tents from Manufacturers all over the world to avoid customers having lengthy waits on equipment. 

What brands do you stock?

We stock the following brands:

  • Bundutec

  • Bush Company Alpha and Black Series

  • Camp King / Ausmetal Engineering

  • Dart and Blade

  • Eezi Awn Stealth

  • Front Runner

  • Moremi Sport & Extreme Lite

Is there a maximum weight restriction on your products?

  • Bundutec can take approximately xxxx kg

  • The Bush Company can take approximately xxxx kg

  • Camp King can approximately take xxxx kg

  • Eezi Awn can approximately take xxxx kg

  • Front Runner can approximately take xxxx kg

  • Moremi Sport can approximately take xxxx kg

Can you custom fit a bracket for my vehicle and tent?

Yes we can, bring your car in on site and we can fit it for you. Contact us to make an appointment. Alternatively, we can mail out a kit for you to attach the brackets yourself.

Do you fit any other vehicles than the ones listed on your site?

We probably can. Please contact us here to provide more information of the make and model of your vehicle and we will be in touch to advise if we can assist further.

Can I access service and support when on the road?? Can you provide a list of authorised repairers around Australia I can get in touch with should I have maintenance issues when on the road?

Yes you can. We are happy to take phone calls and try and trouble shoot over the phone.

Otherwise if you require further assistance, we have contacts in the following states that can offer authorised repairs of our products:

  • Insert recommended repairer list, contact number, email if possible here.