Dual Battery Systems

DC to DC - LifePO4 - Solar - 12 Volt - Enjoy the flexability of a portable power...

To work out what sort of Dual Battery System you need - You first need to work out how much power you use. If your going to run 240Volt appliences - you need to match that appliances power consumption with an Inverter than can handle it. That inverter in turn will need batteries that can supply that amount of charge, and the chargers in turn need to be able to re-fill the batteries each day - So you can keep going ! 

Building the perfect power / dual battery system into your truck can be time consuming and painstakingly difficult  with modern cars having not much space available.. Tough Touring has gone away from in vehicle installations, preferring to keep the battery kits portable and multi -use. Modern Chargers Like Victron products can handle household like power demands offroad.

12Volt Power Box.jpg
Tough Touring Builds a Range of Portable Power Packs to Suit People wanting Off Grid Constant Renewable energy supply.
12 Volt Twin Panel set up to suit RV Solar regulators like Redarc.jpg
"Once your set up with a Dual Battery System that is able to charge from the vehicle - The Next step is to Add a Solar Panel to keep your batteries charging when your not driving. " Experience tells us that it is much much cheaper to Get as Much Solar Panel onto your vehicle as you can - increasing charging inputs - rather than Carry Lots of Battery Storage." - Batteries are REAL EXPENSIVE and like a bank account with no income - They are exhausted very quickly." INCREASE YOUR SOLAR POWER BY USING 36 VOLT POWER - MORE HERE -  "36 Volt vs 12 Volt TEST"


Here's what I've learned in brief in 20+ years of portable fridge use:

  • Spend the money on a low current draw fridge. The more you spend on the fridge, the less you'll spend on the really expensive stuff, like batteries and chargers...

  • Calculate how much power you will use in a day. Then Match your power use to Battery storage for the usual time you'll sit still before driving the car again.

  • Your battery chargers can be one of four sources...  Solar Regulator Charger - (Combined with Solar panel) 
    Alternator ( DC-DC Charger )

  • 240Volt Charger at home or caravan park.

  • Generator (Petrol ) 

  • If you  stoppedsomewhere - Solar will give you passive power - you will get about 6 hours of charging time per day (as long as you're not in the shade)- In My experience  Its much cheaper and much more sustainable long term  to run big solar panels than Big Batteries! A 400w panel can deliver over 20amps per hour. Amazing if your sitting stationary - endless free power.

  • If you rely on DC-DC chargers - A 30AMP charger WILL CHARGE Your 100Amphr Lifepo4 Battery   in just 3 1/2 hours. 

  • Combinations of DC-DC and Solar Regulator
    Usually the way to go for offroad touring. As other Supplies like caravan parks can be expensive 

    Running Combinations of Chargers that are different brands can cause 1 or more chargers to 'argue' and no charging at all can be the  result.


  • We Like the Victron 'Smart' components the best They can be installed together or seperatly and 'smart' works out that other chargers are operating and sorts this out for maximum effective charging. Victron chargers - they can handle inputs of household (BIG) Solar panels running at 36 volts and provide smart DC DC chargers at affordable prices. Their components are all installable separately too so you can fit them into tight spaces and a failure on one won't stop the rest of the system from running. 

Workshop calculations on battery / charger needed to do the job below:


You can substitute your own figures into these charts for a good estimate of the battery / charger combo you'll need to do the job.