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Tough Touring Installs Dual Battery Systems into 4wd vehicles, camper trailers, Vans and caravans

Tough Touring has been engaged to build Renewable Power systems (RPS) for Farmers, Tiny houses, Long term Caravan nomads and 4wd vehicles as well as Commercial and scientific vehicles primary 240volt  power systems. 

DC to DC - LifePO4 - Solar - 12 Volt -, MPPT, AC,  And Inverters... The Basics... What do the Acronyms mean?
What do I need to know to  stay powered up while off Grid Living ...


INVERTER = Converts 12 Volt (DC) Battery Energy into 240 Volt (AC) Household Power

MPPT is an advanced SOLAR REGULATOR = Converts Solar Panel Energy (Which Fluctuates in Voltage) into Steady 12Volt Energy to safely charge your Batteries

DC DC = A Type of Battery Charger that Takes power from another Battery but lifts its voltage to 14.5Volts to charge the second battery faster. 

LifePo4 - A More Stable Lithium Battery Chemistry used in our Dual battery systems, The Batteries are managed by a Battery Management System 'BMS' that prevents over charging, over discharging and preserves battery health for long term use.

AC - Is typically a term for 'Household 240v Power' but refers to 'Alternating Current' 


Tough Touring Dual Battery Systems

* Range of 4 prefab sizes as above


* Victron Components throughout - Chargers work independently and simultaniously for fast charging speed. 

* Tough Touring Dual Battery System Housings are Modular - Plug and Play -add Batteries as you go, start small


* Can be flushmounted to canopy headboard, or slid into shelves in rear drawer systems

* Pre - built wiring looms can be purchased completed already with all Lugs attached - No solder - No Crimping.

* Cases are water resistant, bash resistant and offer highest cooling efficiency


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