Some Early Pictures of our first Bundu Suite Installed here at Tough Touring. Installation was simple, definatly a do it yourself intallation. With the Bundu Suite now a combination of two winning concepts, the 'ADDED ROOM roof and the Bunducube Pull out Privacy Cubicle, Bundutec has eliminated set up and pack up hassles with this fast, solid set up. 

The base walls 'pull out' via an aluminium hinged top frame - There is a large insect mesh viewing window built in as well as a rear access windown (Zippered)

Added Room has been used for the roof - it goes up with the tent and rolls away in seconds. 

A great privacy room - fast, secure and giving poor weather protection over the ladder, as well as somewhere to leave a porta-poti etc when you can't just do it in the open. $1299 and available now via our shop here Bundu Suite

bundusuite 4.jpg
bundusuite 2.jpg

Bundusuite being packed up - base walls 'pop in and out via a hinged alumiumium frame' its then rolled up into the bag.

bundusuite 6.jpg
bundusuite 3.jpg
bundusuite 5.jpg