Eezi-Awn Rooftop Tents

Eezi-Awn produces three hard-shell RTT in their lineup.

  • Stealth: Aluminium gas strut lift with scizzor lifting foot (premium option - weighed here at 96kgs including triple-layer mattress)

  • Blade: Similar body shape as Stealth but no scizzor lift foot and no ladder integration, lighter canvas (Lightweight Aluminium Tent - Weighed here at 77kgs including mattress.)

  • Dart: Lightweight /Fibreglass body. The manufacturer claims 60kg inc mattress.
    (super lightweight option)


Eezi Awn tents could be the most under rated tent in the world.  Incredible performer in poor weather. A surprise entry into our worlds top 5 tents.

We have manufactured quite a few modifications for the Eezi-Awn Stealth (we rate this tent very highly for Victorian Weather conditions - apart from a few minor misgivings - it is the personal favourite of 2 of the staff here at Tough Touring). Here are some of the mods that take this tent to the next level where it belongs.

While the Eezi-Awn tents share many common features across the range, we will talk predominantly about the Stealth. Mainly because, in our opinion, it is one of the best tents on the market. It is very secure in strong winds, and it is the only tent we've seen that features a fully insulated floor, which is very good at preventing condensation in the mattress. 

The Stealth features many groundbreaking and unique features including a frontal scissor-lift that picks up the front of the tent without need for power or gas struts. The lifting floor gives it immense space for its small footprint. Taller people tend to also have big feet, and this tent will accommodate persons up to 6'8 with ease.  Mattress density/quality and overall finish on this tent's mechanical mechanisms, housing and interior are in our opinion, a step above all South African competition. This tent is so comfortable in poor weather that you won't notice anything less than a blizzard. 

The tent's ladder, housed in a rebate under the tent is also unique - whilst the side profile is a very thin 150mm - making it the least most obtrusive looking tent on the market along with its close cousin, the Blade.

Airflow internally is pretty good, helped by the twin weather 'socks' fitted at the pointy end of both canvas walls. The Stealth and the Blade share a cool zip down the awning, which can be closed and zipped shut from inside the tent if the wind comes up. Genius :)

A closer look at the Eezi-Awn Stealth

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The mod list of Tough Touring Gear to take the Eezi Awn Tents to the next level

  1. Solar mount kit: When fitted the tent can hold up to 160w of solar power on the roof with no noticed wind noise or increased lift weight) 

  2. Improved over-centre latches kit: The ones fitted to this tent in red have a 5:1 throw, making them a more leveraged/powerful close without busting a sweat or taking the skin off your fingers!

  3. Lifting Eye Bolts kit: Makes the tent easier to fit/remove when not in use.

  4.  Tough Touring roof racks on select vehicles present. See more on 'vehicles fitted' pages.

  5. Unlike other Clamshell tents - The Gas struts are fitted outside the canvas but inside the body of the tent - a Major advantage when fitting Awnings! Having the struts outside the canvas also makes tucking in the canvas much easier! 

  6. Awnings can be mounted independently to the rack  Using our Integrated Pole Less awning to rack brackets or directly to the tent - see Awning to Tent Brackets


"In the new world of Modern high speed 4wd vehicles - The Eezi Awn stealth stands ahead of the rest with zero road noise, a comfy bed and utter disrespect of wild weather."

Some poor information and marketing on this tent have probably hurt its prevalence in the Australian Bush. Early on, it was incorrectly stated that it was a 'heavy' tent. In fact, at 103kg it is sitting very close to the weight of the competition in the range of "high lift clamshell tents" such as the  Bush Company Alpha, Camp king and Boss RT1 tents that offer similar length of usable accommodation when weighted - apples for apples. (Mattress in).

Eezi Awn Blade Roof top tent on Nissan G

"The Stealth is my tent of choice for quiet road friendly vehicles where the focus is on poor weather camping and highway speeds to get there - Particularly well suited to roof rail type 4WD Wagon vehicles like Toyota 200 series, Prado 150, Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 …"

Tough Touring Roof rail fits between the stealth and the vehicle without a rack - giving it a super low and quiet fit-up. Great for Modern 4WDs that are doing a lot of highway speeds on the way to the dirt.

Roof Rail type vehicles - Why the Stealth?

Whether or not the designers of the stealth made it so - The Stealth's integrated ladder mount also gave it a very strong load-bearing base, that has a 30mm cavity filled with insulation material. This cavity, combined with its stiff structure makes it possible to mount it flush to Roof rails that can support it using flush mount nutserts into the base of the tent.

We developed specific roof rails to take the roof of the car directly to the stealth negating the need for a roof rack at all - saving considerable cost and weight. (At time of writing - we have manufactured roof rails for Toyota LC 200, Disco 3/4, Prado 120/150). See more info here Tough Touring Roof Racks. While vehicles already fitted with Roof rails (Front runner, Rhino, ARB) can use our Roof rail adapter plate to fit the tent directly to their existing roof rail set up in some cases. More info on that here roof rail adapter plates.


The use of either of these systems gives the Stealth a super low profile that does not drag/reducing wind noise to unnoticeable levels at highway speeds. 

While this type of installation is not particularly difficult - It is time consuming and heavy lifting equipment is required as the tent needs to be lowered precisely off and on again during installation. Please consult with us directly on this set up if its the way you want to go.

Tough Touring Roof rail adapter plate an

This close-up picture was taken after a fit-up of an Eezi Awn Stealth to 200 Series Landcruiser. The tent also has poleless wing awning brackets installed as well as an Ostrich wing awning. The Whole installation is removable via our Tough Touring adapter plates and removable mounts kit.