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Boss Wing Awning - BA270

Boss Aluminium in Kilsyth Victoria has released its own Aussie made 270 Wing awning. It is built using Australian Aluminium, Australian Canvas and built ground up in Australia using local expertise in house. 

Its a solid , beautifully made unit, encompasing many of the best points of other competitors awnings, but finished to a quality level fitting the fussiest of buyers. 

Its no nonsense set up and pack down is fast, simple and mostly able to be packed up one handed due to its protective back plate casing. This is definatly the best built Awning we've ever seen, and it definatly is made with the highest quality material grade. I have personally only had three days under it so far, so my experience with it on the long term is not there. 

Time will tell if this is the worlds best. I will find out because its staying on my car. :) I really like it. 

Boss Awning open 1.jpg
Boss Awning arms close up.jpg
Boss Deployed 2.jpg
Boss Double lapped stitching.jpg

Due for Limited release mid November 2021 - We have pre-ordered a dozen of these for customers wanting the ultimate in design and quality craftmanship. I have listed them as 'available' and in stock on our store for early opter customers. Delivery Late November 2021 is likely. 

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