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Installation of Hard Shell Tents

There are 5 types of installations broadly applying to Hard Shell tent to vehicle applications. 

They are:

  1. Tent to Existing roof-rack (through Bolt or clamp and bolt ) using common standard roof racks

  2. Tent to canopy (Through Bolt, or fit t canopy rack)

  3. Tent to roof rack planks - planks fitted to tent first (easiest) - then fitted straight to roof rack rails directly together ( Tough Touring Roof Racks)
    This method applies to Dual cab utes, ROof rail type wagons as well as gutter type vehicles


  4. Tent to Vehicle via Tough Touring Tent to vehicle fitting kits. (Removable mount)

It is easiest to outline best practice for mounting the various tents by dealing with them by vehicle specifically, (see our Vehicle set up pages here ) as getting tents on vehicles directly requires the rack to suit both vehicle and the tents mount points!

It is fair to say also  that some vehicles suit some tents far more than others.


Tuff Trek Hard Shell roof top tent

Mk 3 - New to Australia

Bundutec logo

Bundutec Bundutop Rooftop Tents:

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Boss Hardshell RT1 

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