Tough Touring Solar Kits  why are they the go for caravans and rooftop tents?

While we experimented with 50x50 aluminium angle - we needed a wider footprint to get a good bond surface for adhesives to connect - so we designed 2m long single rail mounting plates - with a 70mm wide base providing a great adhesive surface. 


We started to make them commercially, in volumes that make them affordable :)  Our Solar mounting Kits are available to purchase here - "Tough Touring Solar Kit"


Mounting points are at high points on the roof top tent roof - they can also be fitted on the high side of corregation roof on caravans -  preventing potential water ingress.

The Kits Come Complete with Anderson Connection and Wiring Loom, Automotive Adhesive, 2 Laser cut Aluminium Folded Solar panel mounting rails (Pre Drilled to accept 6'4 or 6'6 Rivetts) Rivetts and Cable Gland coating. 

Check them out in the video on this page above. 

We presently make kits to suit: 

12 Volt Twin Panel set up to suit RV Solar regulators like Redarc.jpg
Tough Touring Manufactures two types of Solar Kits covering most applications
36 Volt Panel Installed on a Bundutop.jpg