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Renewable 240v Power Systems for Light Commercials

After a realisation of sorts and a kind of 'maturing' over time, the Team at Tough Touring began to naturally move away from built in Dual battery systems, partially because rebuilding a great set up into a Modern Commericial truck / coffee van or Tiny home is heatbreaking when you've got to rip it all out again just a couple of years later when the vehicle is due to be updated. 

Doing it all again really nails down the realization that the last set up was bloody expensive and time consuming. 

Enter the new high tech world of 'Portable' Power stations' available everywhere and our version of them -  'Renewable power stations'. 

Berfore you google up the difference between the two, I should tell you that Google won't know - because we invented the term 'Renewable power stations

The Impressive and 'Tiny' Portable Power stations on the market dazzle with their performance - right until they go flat and without mains power - they just take too long to charge. Most will charge at around 100w per hour from a cigarette lighter, and a bit more off solar (But not both at once) and there is no way around it because they run high voltage internally to reduce size of components. 


So we've categorised 'Portable power stations' in the "weekend Camper/Tourer' slot - because they are actually really good for this purpose. They tend to be incredibly affordable for what they deliver,

If your needing more like 3000w constant power and using about 6Kw per day - everyday read on - a 'Portable power station' will not cut it. You will need either a 'built in Dual Battery' system or a 'Renewable Power station" - Both these will keep recharging themselves at via vehicles alternator and or Solar panel at a good rate. 

Vehicles with Weak Alternators have options to increase the alternators to up over 300Amps (thats more like 2500w of charging power) - while some vehicles already have large alternators - we'll cover that later.

Not all systems are equal - And this comes back to the chargers, batteries, Ports and Inverter quality... (The internal components) With Victron energy easily ahead of the field for power outputs, simultanious operation and probably almost the cheapest set up cost - its the natural choice for commercial Renewable Chargers and inverters.


Renewable Power Stations are designed to Power your gear and re-charge themselves multiple times the same day - using both your cars alternator and solar power to collect energy -

All Forever Powered RPS are built to high standards by Aussie staff here in Australia, They are Simple, Robust, IP66 Water rated, safe with Low operating voltages and Powerfull. They Use Victron Components -  the highest quality Tec available today for off grid living.

Renewable Power Stations for Light Commercial vehicles

Designed to replace built in 'Dual Battery systems' - The RPS 3000w and 5000w are compact self contained units :

* Inbuilt Twin Victron 30Amp DC DC Charger (total of 100Amps per hour charging or 1200w)

* Inbuilt Victron 50AMP Solar Regulator (Works simultaniously with the Above DCDC chargers delivering up to 600w extra charging power) 

* Control Panel via Smartphone integrated APP

* Twin 15 Amp / 240Volt RDC Protected Safety Switch OUTPUTS

* 75Amp AC Input for Mains power top ups if necessary.

* Optioned selection of multiple Anderson outs + USB A,B,C and 12 Volt plugs

* Solid 3mm Aluminium Body 

* Easily removable face and top cover for servicing 

* Terroidal 3000w and 5000w Constant output inverters can handle peak power outputs of double their constant loads for 15 seconds, covering motor start ups etc. 

* Carry handles for easy removal when not in use and transferrable between vehicles.
* 36 Kgs

* 950mm Deep, 280mm wide and 480mm high.

Renewable Power stations Features..

  • Twin Victron DCDC chargers  for close to 100amp charging off alternator alone.

  • The RPS has internal Skeleton structure to allow easy removal of components and bash resistance to the walls.

  • All wiring circuits are individually wired, meaning any failure will only affect one port - not shut down the whole RPS. 

  • components are inverted to allow fast inspection of all wiring from above via the  inspection panels. 

  • Easy to view Power Guage / LED Voltage monitor built-in for quick charge information. Green means Good to go, Red means ease up.

  • Lifepo4 Batteries are Modular - Add as many as you need. - In Places where they can be effectively stored/Hidden.

  • All Models of RPS Interface via Bluetooth to your Iphone / Android devices as per victron Spec Using the Victron Connect APP.

  • The RPS will deliver Full power to the 15Amp lead while its charging via DCDC , AC and SOLAR all simultaniously - No wait - No downtime. They all charge together.

  • Inverters used are Victron Terroidal. The most reliable / power ful Pure sine inverters on the market

  • Normal 15 Amp power lead plugs straight in to the AC Charger, and Also the main power Outputs. 

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