The Bush Company XT Awning

The Bush company released its XT awning early in 2020 - and they've done it their way using a 'Stainless' Trussed arm instead of the more common Aluminium .


The powder coated stainless steel arms are quite a lot shorter than the majority of the competition - at just 2.2m in length, They give this awning the most ridgidity of all the awnings we've tested .

The canvas cover is of good quality and the finish quality overall has to be described as ''Excellent'. 

The Intelligent design of bushed pivots and canvas bag (black) give this awning the best Quality Finish we've seen.

On the downside Its 2.2m arm length is small for Swag based camping - and the lack of Zippers for attachment of walls, or any Poles or tie down points makes it useless as a poor weather shelter.


If your not a swag camper and your never going to use walls as a wind break - the smaller size of the XT 270 makes it a market leader as seemingly no wind will budge it. ITs Rock Solid. 

IF you are running the Bush Company rooftop tents (Apha and DT (Delta) Series 2020) The Xt 270 and the XT MAX are the right choice for these tents. The rebates for fitting the  awning are already incorporated into the tent extrustions.

Fitting alternate Awnings to these tents can be difficult as the sprung steel poles can interfere with awnings pivoting from the 'Top' of the hinge. 

The Bush Company awning is designed to be fitted straight up to the bush company tents. They make a tent to awning bracket kit that works Well as a combination and is the way to go.

While we have not seen the awning walls to suit this awning yet, they can be attached to the awning with velcro. There is no pitch pole on this awning - its top surface is quite flat - 

Xt Pic 1.jpg

"The Bush Co XT 270 is a Super Solid Pole Less wing awning, offering excellent fast shade or temporary shelter from rain. "

Its quite small at just 2.2m on arm lengths and does not offer integrated poles or tie down points should you wish to use the awning as a wind break or shelter/Change room or for swag based camping. "

Walls can be purchased for this awning seperately - however they are velcro on type, and without any poles for structure - quite likely to be unsuitable for use as a wind break.