The Bush Company

The Bush Company Alpha rooftop tent

The Bush Company builds Solid load-bearing clam shell roof-top tents of good quality. The Dx 27 being well suited for Southern states weather conditions and the , Alpha featuring a larger awning for improved rain protection in sheltered areas being their most popular models. 

The Bush Company tents all feature North South M8 Bolt track built into the base of the tent, - Making the tent suitable for fitting to East west cross bars using regular m8 Bolts. The Tents Major advantage over competitors is its  immense roof load-carrying ability. 

The Bush Co Alpha and Delta are a great option for any vehicle needing to carry heavy  gear on the roof of the tent. (firewood, bikes, spare tyres, tools etc) - Their range of tents will operate as a rack when required and offer decent accommodation as well. 

Who is suited to the Alpha and Delta?
The Bush Company tents are ideal for:


  • Touring families with wagon-type 4WD that need to carry touring tents, bikes, swags, firewood on top of the tent - Get there without your passengers nursing a chain saw on the way! Winner...

  • Tradespeople that use their work vehicle also as their touring vehicle can load timber/ladders etc onto The Bush Co tents during the week and use the tent essentially as a rack while at work. 

Awnings and The Bush Company RTT
It is best to Match Bush Company Tents to Bush company awnings, as the positioning of the sprung steel poles will foul on almost every other brand of wing awning. So using their Awning to Tent brackets is also a must for good results.

The Bush Company Tent fitted to a Prado using the Tough Touring Rack.jpg
The Tough Touring Rack being fitted with the Bush Company tent using our Removable slide i
Tough Touring LC200 to Bush Co Tent Kit.jpg

For Specific Information on the Correct 'tent to vehicle' rack for your vehicle - see our 'Your vehicle set up' page.

Xt Pic 1.jpg
The Bush Company DX 27 hardshell rooftop tent

The Bush Company DX 27: 


Length: External 2.25m / internal
(mattress length): 2.15m

Width: External 1.4m (1.48m inc. gas struts)
internal (mattress width): 1.3 m

Height (exterior, closed): 25cm
inc. roof rails and base extrusions

Height (exterior, open): 1.36m

Height (interior, open): 1.42m

Weight: Approx 90kg (exc. telescopic ladder)

The Bush Company Alpha Series:


Length: External 2.25m / internal (mattress): 2.15m x 7cm
Width: External 1.4m (1.48m inc. gas struts)
internal (mattress): 1.3 m
Height (exterior, closed): 27cm inc. roof rails and base extrusions
Max Height (exterior, open): 1.72m
Max Height (interior, open): 1.65m
Weight: Weighed here at a very impressive 88kg mattress included (exc. telescopic ladder)

If you're not sure about your rack or vehicle suiting this tent - See specifics on your vehicle and Rack at your vehicle set up pages

Land Rover Discovery 2 with Bush company

The Tough Touring Reccommends Installing this Tent using our Specialist 'Tent to vehicle racks'  on Dual Cab Utes and 4wd Wagons for the best results.

Tough Touring makes specialist racks to fit the bush company tent to most poplular makes of 4wd vehicles. 


 *Lowest in the Market

Strongest Roof top tent mountin rack to match the Bush Company Tents load bearing weight capabilities

* The Bush Company Tents are removable from the Tough Touring rack by undoing just 6 bolts from beside the vehicle - leaving a functioning flat platform rack when tent is off.

* The Tough Touring rack weighs in at between 26 and 34kgs depending on your vehicle.

* The Tough Touring rack positions your Pole less awning in the correct spot on your vehicle to minimise rain ingress into the back of wagons, as well as eliminating fouling on wind deflectors .

* The Tough Touring racks have been designed to sit in the exact position to minimise wind noise.

* The Tough Touring Racks position your Bush company tent in the right place on your truck to maintain the best posible handline and vehicle balance. 

* Tough Touring offers a back to base warranty on all our racks - suitable to be used for up  to 200kgs in offroad conditions. 

Check this out …

Download PDF of my pros and cons of The Bush Company's tents to help you 'narrow down' the tents that are going to be the right blend to suit your requirements.
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