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Awning to Vehicle Brackets - NO RACK REQUIRED - 

Tough Touring have developed Awning Bracket sets that will support  Rear swinging Pole less 270 Wing awnings:

At Present - The Brackets for the following vehicles have been built (Some to general release versions) 
* Toyota Troop carrier - 40,60, and 78 series to current (GENERAL RELEASE) - This Awning to Vehicle Bracket system is a game changer for Pop top Troopcarriers, as the entire bracket system is fitted to the vehicles Gutters - Negating the need for a roof rack and allowing the pop top to open up independently to the awning. 


* Pre 2016 Land Rover Defender 110 and 90 Series - Likewise - The Defender Bracket system Alows pop top fitted defenders to run the awning off the roof gutters, allowing free opening of the Defenders roof without need for any roof rack. These brackets are in Version 2 of development, and have stalled here as no test vehicle is available for us at present. If you have a need for this component we'd love to hear from you!

*Land Rover Discovery 4 - (General Release) -  Disco 3 and Disco 4 owners that are wanting to run full size pole less awnings without a full size roof rack have guided us in the direction of a lightweight / shorter structure to allow carrying Max trax, shovel, full Size awning as well as perhaps a small solar panel or tent. The kit consists of a shortened 3/4 rack with two cross bars at rear.. More on this here - 


* 2020 Onward Suzuki Jimmny (Gutter version)

* Toyota 76 Series Wagon - (General Release) 

Troopie KIT.jpg
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