Cradle Mounts by Tough Touring

Tough Touring have developed a  'Cradle' mounting system for Bundutop tents that allows the tent to be 'clipped in' to the cradle and un-clipped again for easier removal and storage.

Easily remove your roof tent when not in use using a gantry or ceiling hoist. The Cradle consists of two long folded  steel beams or a load bearing rack that the Roof top tent 'sits in'- with clip in over center latches locking the tent down. Remove the 4 latches and you can lift off the tent with the provided Eye to eye bolts taking the load. No tools required. Presently available for Bundutop Tents only. 

Your Rack must be suitable for the Tough Touring cradle mount for the Bundutop tent

While the Cradle mount makes the Bundutop tent installation very simple, its not going to work too well if your rack is not level or big enough to fit the tent in the first place.

Ensure that your rack has suitable east west bars to fix the cradles too (As they run North south) - Your rack will need to be at least 1700mm long - and 1250mm wide.

When mounting the cradle, there is no need to get inside the tent to drill holes or through bolt the tent for mounting - Use masking tape to temporarily hold the cradle in position under the tent, lower it onto your desired mounting position, then mark off the cradles mount points, lift off the tent, fix off the cradle, lower the tent back on and your done.  .


Cradle mounts and vehicle manufacturers roofload limits.
The load bearing cradle should only be fitted to roof rails, gutter mounts or canopies that can lake the load of the tent. In the event of your vehicles roof not being rated to the required load rating - we would advise you exercise caution during use as hard driving can cause strain on roof rail through bolts - often leading to leaking vehicle roof issues. 


While we warrant our work (our cradle and the fitting of it) - Damage to your roof caused by excessive loads or hard driving are not covered by our warranty. User onus applies. 


This set up can only be used if you have a solid flat touring rack measuring 1700 mm long x 1250 wide. Non-load bearing kit includes 4 eye bolts and all required bolts and latches.


Cost: $350 + freight 

Tough Touring Bundutop Cradle mount bein

Pricing on the cradle fitting are quoted per job and can usually be done within 2-3 weeks of measuring up. Fitting Fee for Bundutops  using a cradle or otherwise at time of wrinting is $550. 


Cradle mount installed on Front Runner S
Cradle mount installed on Front Runner S