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Powering Caravans with an RPS 3000

Tough Touring Renewable Power systems installed in your truck are designed to power your Caravan or camper when off Grid. Drive your truck to generate energy and store it for later in your van. You can also park your truck in the sun to passively collect solar energy - storing it in the trucks battery bank for use later.

Grab a 15Amp extension lead and plug in your caravan to the 15Amp 240 outlet on the RPS - and your caravan will behave like its plugged into mains power (Because it is) - Powering your internal power points and running the caravans charger topping up its internal batteries.

How an RPS Unit gets installed into your truck

Tough Touring 'RPS 3000' units take  power from your Alternator and your solar panels - storing it in your batteries ready to power your gear when you need it. 


 To Do this, they need connections to your alternator and your solar panel. 


Wiring an RPS into your truck  is straight forward with two leads from the RPS to the Trucks Cranking battery (DC LOOM KIT) required to get the power from the alternator into the Unit.  We make and sell the wiring looms listed here on our website.

If your running a solar panel - you run a wiring loom from the panel to the 3000w Unit as well. All connection points are Plug and Play and Color colded so you can't make any mistakes.

We do offer installation service via our Dealer Network - rates for the install of the cabling vary but should be less than a half days work.


DCDC Wiring Loom (Goes from the Car battery to the RPS unit in the back)

SOLAR Wiring Loom (Goes from the solar panel to the RPS Unit in the back)

SLim Jim 3000 Front.jpg
Inside Slim Jim 3000.jpg

A n RPS(2000) Unit during assembly - Note the Enormous OB125 Cabling and the Sub OB90 Cabling from the Batteries and chargers... The Huge Cabling maximises efficiency of the twin/tripple chargers while minimising resistance and heat.


1. Dont spend money on having an 'OFF GRID' power system in your van - it will be useless as vans cant regenerate power.

2. Dont Spend Money on Solar panels on your van - as Caravan manufacturers will install 12V 'RV' Panels - These can only produce around half the power of 'Household' 36v Panels - More on this here

3. Keep your van as standard as you can Leave its onboard battery system as  basic possible - It is far more cost effective  to power it from your truck via a 15Amp Extension lead - 

4. Adding Additional Battery Storage in your van may be necessary if its very basic - but trial run powering it from your Truck with an RPS unit first so you can learn how much power you actually need .

400Amphrs is a good battery storage amount for a caravan with a family - you may need less.

RPS 3000 Renewable Power System

Tough Touring Australia has built  a 3000/6000w Renewable Power  system into aluminium portable Case specifically to power Tiny homes, Caravans and offroad comper trailers.

The Tough Touring  3000w  measures in at just 800mm deep  x 160mm wide x 400mm High - capable of powering just about any household applance and recharging itself in vehicle during normal use. 

Basic Tec

The 3000w Unit has 4 x 175Amp Plug and play INPUT leads at the rear for adding batteries  -  giving it a maximum storage capacity of 800 amphrs. Weve found that it runs to its true outputs with a minimum of 400amphrs of battery.

The Unit is fitted with 2 x DCDC chargers and a 50amp Solar Regulator Charger - Allowing Maximum recharge rates of up to 144Amps per hour - refilling the batteries as quickly as you can use the power.

What puts the Tough Touring  RPS 3000w ahead of the multitude of Dual Battery systems and (Impressive) Portable Power stations on the market today? 

  • All 3000w RPS units are fitted with Twin Victron DCDC chargers - They work Simultaniously, charging your batteries at up to 48amps per hour each - While the 100/50 Solar Regulator can add another 50Amps of charge if running around 600w of solar panel (solar and DCDC work at once) allowing for combined simultanious input of Just under 150  amps per hour. Thats 1800w of charging power without plugging in to mains! Almost 20 Times the recharging rate of the majority of Portable Power stations on the market which can only recharge at around 100watts from a cigarette lighter - and 100w from a solar panel.

  • All wiring circuits are individually wired. This minimises wiring resistance, heat and potential failure of components.

  • Components are inverted to allow fast inspection of all wiring from above via the  inspection panels. This makes field repairs and inspection easy if required. 

  • Easy to view Power Guage / LED Voltage monitor built-in for quick charge information. Green means Good to go, Red means ease up. Keep it simple

  • Tough Touring Reccommends Forever Powered Lifepo4 Batteries as they are  'Prismatic' (Cells are joined together using Steel Plates rather than wires) for increased efficiency, safety, vibration resistance and heat dissipation. 

  • The Cabling used in the RPS units Exceeds Australian  Reccommended Guage sizing. Large Cabling transmitts the power without voltage drop and almost zero heat.

  • Normal 15 Amp / 240v Extension power leads plus straight in. No other connection to the van and no modifications to the van are required .

  • The Key to being able to Use a lot of power off grid - is to be able to replentish it quickly - The Tough Touring 3000w RPS units are able to recharge themselves 10 -20 times faster than the majority of Portable power stations in off grid situations.

  • All RPS units run internally at 12 Volts, making them safe to open up, repair and inspect anywhere - you don't need to use a licenced Electrician to work on them. All Chargers are removable with a 6mm allen key - replacement of parts is easy to diagnose and easy to get - anywhere. 

Solar Power on Car.jpg
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