Awning to Tent Kits

Tough Touring manufactures bracket kits to fit poleless awnings directly to hardshell rooftop tents

Poleless Awnings (or 270 degree swing out awnings) exert an immense load on the rear pivot point of the mount - so we designed lightweight but strong brackets to allow you to mount the awnings at the right height (just above your head) - on most vehicles, 1950mm is a good height for awnings, just above the Vehicle's rack and about halfway up the base of a roof tent. 

If you try to mount the awning using traditional awning brackets you will discover that the awning brackets 'hang out' too far from the edge of the rack (no stability or strength) and adding the 'l' brackets to the rack means the tent no longer fits flush (so you have to start adding height to the tent). By the time your tent is installed along with your awning you then realize that the rack is quite redundant, and heavy.)

Tough Touring brackets are a light, cost-saving way to mount your awning straight to the side of the tent. In many cases removing the need for a rack altogether. 

Tough Touring manufactured brackets will typically provide a stiff rigid mount point for poleless awnings by Ostrich, Darche, 30 Second, Quick Pitch, Bundutec, Howling Moon, Alu-Cab, Rhino Bat Wing, Supa Peg and many others. 

Tents supported with these brackets are: 

  • Bundutec Bundutop (TT Bundu Bracket),

  • Camp King and Boss RT1 - (TT Boss Bracket),

  • Bush Company Black series (TT Bush Co Bracket),

  • Ezi Awn Stealth and Blade (TT Stealth & Blade Bracket)

  • Moremi Sport (TT Moremi Bracket).

Prices on all Awning to Tent Bracket Kits are $300
Shower cubicle to Tent Bracket Kits are $150


Awning to Tent Kits include Corner mounting plate each end, Hook Bracket, Tough Touring Logo plate, Rivetts , Stainless mounting bolts and required hardware, and freight within Australia.

Brackets come in a black powder coated finish and are manufactured in Australia using 3mm plate mild steel. (Some corner pieces are 4mm where required). The weight of the bracket kits varies on application with the lightest being 4kg, the heaviest being 5.5kg.


For more information on fitting these brackets - We use You Tube videos similar to the examples beside here to give you a run through the process. Please visit the Tough Touring YouTube channel for all our videos on installation. 

TT Shower Cubicle Bracket mounted

TT Hook Bracket

Included in our bracket kits - There are 4 varients for different awnings at present. 

Boss TT Awning to tent bracket

TT Moremi Sport Bracket

TT Bundutop Bracket

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