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Awning to Tent Brackets

Awning to tent Rear Pass Side.jpg

All Poleless Wing Awnings exert immense twist forces on the rear pivot point of where the awnings mount - And Supporting Racks and Brackets neet to 'Triangulate' to achieve this strength and rigidity without being too heavy.

Tough Touring "Awning to Tent brackets" provide a convenient - solid mount point right on the side of your tent. Giving that bit more height and not interferring at all with your roof rack. They are stiff and strong as we can make them.

Currently, We make Awning to Tent brackets in UP or MID mount for . Bundutec Bundutop, and Tuff Trek Mk 3 Tents... Click the below Supported Tents pictures for more information:

Tough Touring Bundutop to Ostrich Bracke
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