Your Options to Fit a Roof top tent to your vehicle 

Modifying to your existing rack to fit your roof tent 

Tough Touring Manufactures strong roof racks for Roof top Tent mounting  designed for most common tent to vehicle combinations. 

Tough Touring manufactures specialist roof racks built to fit tents and awnings. Our mission is to keep your touring gear as low and strong as possible on your truck. There are three basic choices to make if you want to install a Rooftop tent and or poleless wing awning to your vehicle.

Need Roof Racks?

Option 1:
Install your tent to a purpose-built rooftop tent rack (Tough Touring roof rack)

If you want the best results - A good Strong LOW fitment of your roof tent to your vehicle - Check out our purpose built roof racks here by selecting your vehicle from our "Vehicle Set up Pages" - You can see how your truck will look with your tent installed already if your lucky and we've put up the pics :)  , We Built our own racks because no-body elses are suitable, (Not wide enough, not strong enough, not low enough, and mostly they are loo long at the end causing awnings to foul on your rear doors etc...)

We warrant our racks for off road conditions and typical touring equipments weight. 

See your vehicle with RTT fitted here on "your vehicle set up "

Option 2:
Install your tent to your existing rack with modifications:

Build or buy modification components to make it possible to mount your rooftop tent.

If you already have a Gutter Mounted Roof rack - In some cases you may be able to take off the basket and add a Tough Touring Roof 'C" Channel Cross bars to Lower the Tent to just 3mm above the height of your rack foot. 

For More information on our C Channel Cross bars (Suited to vehicle that has gutters,)  We manufacture these C Channel bars  in convenient larger sizes, 1350, and, 1550mm 


If your running a vehicle that has roof rails inset into the roof - some times called a 'Backbone' , We also manufacture Inset roof rack crossbars bars  these also  in convenient larger sizes, 1350, 1400, 1450, 1500, 1550 and 1670mm Our Low Mount inset cross bars add just 3mm to the height of the rail- however these can be difficult to retro-fit to existing roof rails as the top edge of almost all roof rails fold inwards - creating a lot of rail overhang on the outside edge.  Its Likely You will also have to drill new mounting holes into them - as they have not built them to accept other companies bars. 

Option 3:
Fit your tent straight to  Existing rack - "She'll be right !" 

Throw the tent onto your existing unsuitable rack. 

Yeah - "she'll be right" Is not going to be great when it all comes apart in the middle of nowhere and your tent is sitting on your bonnet.

(potential problems include - destroying the rack, destroying the tent, have a rattling drive , excessive wind noise issues, adding a heavy tent to an already heavy rack (more weight) adding height to an already high vehicle (body roll).

Probably the worst part is you'll have to do it all again twice,

"Tough Touring Roof racks are specifically designed for Rooftop tents and Poleless wing awnings"

Vehicles have different types of mounts for roof racks these days. To Understand them better - have a look at this PDF.

Disco 3 Tough Touring Roof racks front.j
Extended Counterlevered roof bars design