Tent to Vehicle Kits

Need Roof Racks??

Tough Touring are suppliers of Front Runner and ARB roof racks. We have a lot of experience with fitting the right rack to give your chosen tent the right mounting platform, while managing vehicle weight and cost. 

Tough Touring manufactures various kits to allow easier/removable fitment of roof top tents to vehicles. The kits tend to be vehicle/rack or tent specific as all makes of tents and vehicles have different variables.


Over the past few years, we have been busy testing (and breaking!) and re-testing various easy-to-remove and store your tent when not in use. Here are some options we've developed below:

Tough Touring Bundutop Cradle mount bein

Understanding your vehicle's roof load


Tough Touring supplies and installs only the toughest, most reliable gear we can find. If we can’t find it – we make it.

At present, we fit rooftop tents in a variety of ways depending on the vehicle and the tent selected. The types of installation kits used can be worked out by determining the mounting surface on the roof of the vehicle.


The first thing you need to do is identify your vehicle roof type. Is it a gutter mount rack or is it a roof rail rack, or a canopy mount?

Vehicles have different types of mounts for roof racks these days. To Understand them better - have a look at this PDF.

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