Modifying to your existing rack to fit your roof tent 

Need Roof Racks??

Tough Touring Manufactures strong roof racks for Roof top Tent mounting  designed for most common tent to vehicle combinations.  

See our Roof top tent mounting kits in our Tough touring roof top tent page here - 

Tough Touring manufactures specialist roof racks built to fit tents and awnings. Our mission is to keep your touring gear as low and strong as possible on your truck..
There  are three basic choices to make if you want to install a Roof top tent and or pole less wing awning to your vehicle.

1. Totally Fresh Install, (New vehicle - Bare Roof - Buy and install a purpose built Roof top tent rack)

2. Build or buy modification components to make it possible to mount your roof top tent.

3. Throw the tent onto your existing unsuitable rack - ( Potential problems include - destroying the rack, destroying the tent, have a rattling drive , excessive wind Noise issues, adding a heavy tent to an already heavy rack - (more weight) - adding Height to an already high vehicle (Body roll). 

Option 1 : Install your tent to a purpost built roof top tent Rack. (Tough Touring Roof Rack) 
If Your Tent and Awning combinations weight exceeds your  roof racks roof load limits , or if your rack is not wide enough to fit up your tent - our advice is to get rid of the rack. Modifying it by adding bars etc is going to be a really bad solution that will add height and weight that is detrimental to your vehicles handling. 

Tough Touring Roof racks are specifically designed Specifically for Roof tents and  Pole less wing awnings.


Most racks we build for vehicles can achieve roof top tent  installation at 35 mm or less off your vehicles roof.

Tough Touring racks are warranted against any failure in offroad conditions to loads of up to 150kgs.


See more on the  roof racks here - Tough touring Roof Racks

Option 2: Install your tent to your your existing rack - With Modifications 

If you already have a Front runner , Rhino or ARB Roof rack - In Some cases you may be able to take off the basket and add a Tough Touring Roof rail adapter plate  to Marry up the tents mounting points directly to your existing roof rails..... See Roof rail adapter plate information below.   We would assume that the best place to then fit a pole less awning would be on the side of your tent.... See more on that here (Awning to tent brackets )

If your running a vehicle that has gutters, We now manufacture low mount roof bars in convenient larger sizes, 1350, 1400, 1450, 1500, 1550 and 1600mm Our Low Mount roof bars add just 3mm to the height of the gutter rack foot - See them in our shop page here. 


If your running a vehicle that has roof rails, Backbone , We now manufacture low mount roof bars to suit roof rails these also  in convenient larger sizes, 1350, 1400, 1450, 1500, 1550 and 1600mm Our Low Mount roof bars add just 3mm to the height of the rail- See them in our shop page here. 


For more information on Tough Touring Roof racks (Complete Kits) or our Roof rail adapter plates - click into the links below... 

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Tough Touring Rail mount adapter plate f

Tough Touring supplies and installs only the toughest, most reliable gear we can find. If we can’t find it – we make it.

Tough Touring began manufacturing its own parts in 2015- in order to overcome ludicrous hours of customisation to existing racks and non - purpose specific gear. 

Vehicles have different types of mounts for roof racks these days. To Understand them better - have a look at this PDF.

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