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Tough Touring Dual Cab Roof Racks

Amarok RACK with Bush Co Tent6.jpg

After custom fitting hundreds of rooftop tents to popular roof racks over the past 7 years - we've designed our own racks (or roof top tent mounting platforms) specifically to  allow these tents to be fitted over the cabs of most Dual Cab Utes.  The Reasons we have done this are below:


Tough Touring Dual Cab Over Cab Roof Racks 

  • 100% Australian made/design (Victoria)

  • Lowest profile on the market

  • M8 Bolts all-round. No welds to tear 

  • Unique design means all bolts are accessible from beside the vehicle

  • Lowest wind noise possible. 

  • Our rails are made to accommodate clearances between leading Poleless wing awnings and vehicles / tents. 

  • When tent is removed - simply add optional additional Tough Touring Top hat Bar planks to set up a fully functional flat touring rack.

Isuzu D Max with Tough Touring Over cab STage 2 rack and Bundutop TEnt Ostrich wing awning
Stage 2 Tough Touring Roof top tent moun
You cannot fit Pole less wing awnings to any rack that is narrower in width than your tent. Tough Touring manufactures Top Hat Bar planks to widths up to 1550mm to allow you to mount awnings seperatly to you Roof top tent - This is discussed here  - "Options to combine roof top tent and awning"

Awning to Tent Brackets are listed here

If your running a Dual Cab with a Tray and Canopy -More information on Running Roof top tents over the Cabin, while running your awning over the canopy is discussed here "Canopy Tray Vehicles"
79 Series rnning Bundutop King Ostrich and Tough Touring Over Cab Rack .jpg
Slotted Roof rack top side.jpg
If its not possible to fit your roof top tent over the cab - Tough Touring also makes a Canopy roof rack for Dual cab and Single cab utes - More on these here " Tough Touring Canopy roof rack."

"Tough Touring Dual Cab Roof racks are the lowest  strongest and Lightest roof top tent mounting platforms we can make. They are 1750mm long come in widths of between 1350mm - 1600mm wide. Weighing just 13 - 15Kgs - and using Aluminium Top Hat Bar planks They are Built to allow Hard Shell Roof top tents like the Bundutec Bundutop, James Baroud, Alucab, Camp King, Boss RT1 and The Bush Company Tents to be Mounted Low, Light and easily removable. With Access to bolts from beside the vehicle.

Hilux Profile.jpg

Tough Touring Dual Cab roof top tent mounting rack

Tough Touring Roof Racks are primarily designed to handle Roof top tent and awning loads of Up to 150 kg in offroad conditions.

Can be also be used effictively as a roof rack by Addition of Optional additional Top Hat Bar planks when your roof top tent is removed.

Bundutop King Fitted to Volkswagon Amaro
Triton Rack 2.jpg

Tough Touring Manufactures Dual Cab roof racks: 


Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute

Ford Ranger / BT 50 Dual Cab Ute

Isuzu D Max Dual Cab Ute

Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab Ute

Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab Ute 

Nissan Navara

Toyota 79 Series

Chevrolet Silverado

Land Rover Defender 130


Chevrolet Silverado

Jeep Gladiator



Later Model Vehicles commonly Have three variations in Over Roof  rack mounts from factory: Before buying any roof rack its a good idea to pop off the rubber seal where the rack mounts and have a look at what fixing points are on your vehicle for your rack to bolt into. 

The Best scenario is m8 bolt holes already in place in the roof rail cavity - typically there will be 3 pairs of threaded inserts in most cars, but there are variations... (Listed below)

1 : No Bolt Holes and NO STUDS

Some modern vehicles come from factory without any mounting holes at all for roof racks - This is usually because they have filled the entire roof cavity with Air bags. - DO NOT DRILL THROUGH THE ROOF SKIN WITHOUT CAREFULL EXAMINATION FIRST - AS AIR BAGS CAN BE DESTROYED OR YOU COULD HIT AN EXPLOSIVE CHARGE.

To fit a roof rack to a vehicle without factory mount holes - The roof Lining should be removed and carefull measurements made to find suitable positions for drilling through the rail skin for insertion of DOME NUTS - Thread OUT into the air bag cavity. Dome nut heads will allow the air bag to deploy without puncturing, and also provide an incredibly strong mount point for your rack - We sell a 'Reversed Dome nut' roof rack hardware pack to do this - Listed here -

Reverse Dome Nut roof rack mount kit

2. There are already 4 x M8 Bolt holes already visibile each side.
Excellent - You can mount rack feet straight to the provided bolt holes and then our 1750mm roof rail roof rack. 

For more information and images of the Dual Cab Ute Over Cab mounts, Click on your vehicle above - in the "your vehicle set up' section here 

For more information and images of the Dual Cab Ute Over Cab mounts, Click on your vehicle above - in the "your vehicle set up' section here 

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