Dual Cab Ute Roof Racks 

About Tough Touring Dual Cab Over Cab Racks:

  • Lowest possible mounting position

  • Specifically designed to accept most brands of Hard and Soft shell roof top tents

  • Allow tent to be bolted and unbolted from the side of the rack. Easy to remove. (Stage 2)

  • Adaptable to convert to an ordinary touring rack when tent is removed. (stage 1 only) 

  • Bolt up Pole less wing awning brackets directly to the rack or tent

  • Lowest wind noise on the market 

  • (Stage 2 roof tent mounting platform is removable via 4 x M10 Bolts from beside the vehicle - crossbars stay fixed to the tent - leaving no rack on the vehicle when tent is removed).

Lowering your rooftop tent's mounting position on the vehicle's roof has a dramatic positive effect on the vehicle's handling and drag characteristics, as well as making the whole set up look better.

After custom fitting over 2000 rooftop tents to popular roof racks over the past 7 years - we've designed our own racks (or roof top tent mounting platforms) specifically to  allow these tents to be fitted over the cabs of most Dual Cab Utes. 


At present, we have racks available for:


Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute

Ford Ranger / BT 50 Dual Cab Ute

Isuzu D Max Dual Cab Ute

Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab Ute

Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab Ute 

Nissan Navara

For more information and images of the Dual Cab Ute Over Cab mounts, Click on your vehicle above - the racks are listed there on our store page on the vehicles listed. 

Please note: we also manufacture a universal roof rack to suit almost all other types of vehicles not mentioned above. 

About our Universal Roof Racks: 

  • This unique rack has the mounting bolts 'on the outside,'' allowing you to bolt up your tent  to the rack planks directly from beside the vehicle. 

  • With the tent and rack plank mounting bolts accessible 'outside the rails' , your roof top tent is easily removable by simply unbolting the planks. They are also attached.

  • No spanners under the rack anymore

  • No impossible bolts to reach

Stage 2 Racks: Have a 200kg max load. This is a good option for those that have extreme loads from time to time on their roof (eg: carrying firewood short distances on tent roof) or use their vehicle in extreme terrain / high speed rough ground /impact / vibration heavy conditions. It doesn't improve the vehicle's handling characteristics at all or make it safe to drive in dangerous conditions. We just make a really really strong rack for those that push a bit further!!

Stage 3 Racks: Have the same strength as Stage 2 racks, with the ability to be used as a roof rack when the tent is removed.  It features 6mm rack feet, plus 2 x 1750mm universal roof rails and 4 slats.

"Tough Touring Roof racks take the tent low, and double as a good solid roof rack when the tent is off the vehicle."

Tough Touring Dual Cab Roof Racks 

  • 100% Australian made/design (Victoria)

  • Lowest profile on the market

  • M8 Bolts all-round. No welds to tear 

  • Unique design means all bolts are accessible from beside the vehicle

  • Lowest wind noise possible. 

  • Our rails are made to accommodate clearances between leading Poleless wing awnings and vehicles / tents. 

  • When tent is removed - simply add planks to set up a fully functional flat touring rack. (Stage 1 Kits only)

  • Look way cool :)  

Poleless Awnings can bolt up straight to the Stage 1 Rack if running it standalone. It is also possible to run a rack and awning combination at 1425mm wide - installing a 1350mm RTT 'Standalone' as well. Making it  possible to remove the tent while the awning remains in place - as in pic above.

At present (June 2021) we manufacture 2 rack kits:

STAGE 3 Roof rack /
roof top tent mounting platform

Up to 150kg (3mm mild steel feet and Roof rails).

Can be used as a rack when tent is removed.

STAGE 2 Roof rack /
roof top tent mounting platform

Up to 200kg (6mm mild steel feet and cantilever rails) Cannot be used as a rack when tent is removed.