Bundutec Clam

Bundutec  Rooftop tents set the bar high for high-performance off-road touring tents, with their mantra being continued into their newest project - The 'Bunduclam'
Continued Popularity of the Clamshell / Load bearing Hard shell roof top tent in Australia has probably fuelled Bundutop to bring out a second tent into their range - With the Bundutop being their Flagship design, there was still need for a clamshell that could carry loads in their range. 


Bundutec has come up ingenious ways to bet the typical clamshell tents design woes. - again stepping away from the Norm and creating a new benchmark in ease of use. 

The Bunduclam Sets up its own awning when erected using an over cam gas strut design, The Arms 'Lock out' once popped out and the awning is super ridgid even in heavy wind. The 'Skirt' design has been continued into the Bundu Clam, offering decent airflow opportunities in wet weather - (Leave the top of the side windows open in rain). While the introduction of east west planks into the roof has given this tent the strength to carry heavy loads too.

While its early days for the Clam, were very excited about its future - Version 1 is in trials now here with us, Finish is a bit rough but the overall design is a winner. Bring on Version 2 we say ! 

Bundutop clamshell Hard Shell Tent on Tough Touring Rack.jpg


Dimensions: 2000 L x 1250 W x 100mm H

Weight: 95kg

Priced at $4990
Mounting/Fixing points: 1234mm x 1984mm


NEW Bunduclam Hardshell Rooftop Tent

The BunduClam is Bundutec's first clamshell tent. The incredible opening and closing mechanism make this a standout. No fly poles to erect. They pop out automatically, and retract automatically when the tent is opened or closed.

Up to 360 Watts of solar power can be installed on the roof. The tent comes prewired to accept your own panel or we can do what we do best and install it for you. Lights, power outlet and 2 fans all come as standard equipment.

Bundu Clam on GU Patrol Tough Touring Rack.jpg
Bundutop clam rooftop tent First Set up
Tough Touring GU Patrol Rack with Bundutec Clam Hard shell Tent fitted.jpg

Internally a 100mm mattress (thickest of all the tents) can be further padded out with pillow toppers up to over 150mm. It's automatically popping outskirt allows airflow to be maintained even in adverse raining conditions without spray or insects entering the tent.

Bundutec Clam on GU Patrol with Ostrich wing on Tough Touring rack.jpg