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Roof Load Ratings Explained

The Basics:

There are two loads types discussed online and by vehicle manufacturers - These are:

Static load (when tour not moving) 

Dynamic load (load whilst travelling).


The Static loads on most 4wd vehicles are enormous - (Maybee over 500kgs) - of course they vary vehicle to vehicle - But 'Static' loads relate to the weight required to collapse the roof - For the purposes of Roof racks and Touring equipment loads - It is fair to say that we can disregard Static Loads as being far greater than the weight of any rack / tent and occupants. -(Aside from the Jeep JK Wrangler and other plastic/soft tops )


Dynamic loads are the Important ones...

Dynamic Load ratings are generated by vehicle manufacturers and Engineers after vehicles are built and relate  to swerve testing/ braking distances and vehicle stability when cornering. 


In my opionion - These ratings have been getting smaller and smaller as vehicle safety standards continue to improve - Perhaps its to ensure less chance of rollover and to shorten breaking distances.  (The Lighter the vehicle the easer it is to stop. )Again - Just my opinion - There may be many other factors too.... 


Tough Touring Racks - Our work to improve safety

WE've designed our racks to sit as low as we can - some sit around 80mm lower than other racks on the market  -to lower the 'up high weight of RTT, and thus lower the' centre of gravity...

Or Racks are also Lightweight - The Range coming in between 2 and 38kgs... 


As far as the vehicles handling goes - we've also positioned the mounts of the racks forward where possible to improve the vehicles cornering ability whilst carrying roof loads . Especially evident on Dual Cab utes.

Common vehicle upgrades / enhancements  to counder roof load weight that Customers will consider.

Load Rated Off road Tyres with Heavy 8+ Ply sidewalls - Prevent a lot of play through the vehicle when driving on uneven surfaces - and certainly reduce body roll. 


Offset rims - 'Steelies' - I run 25mm wider than standard wheels to increase the vehicles stance and stability - These are within the manufacturers allowable guidelines and improve vehicle 'stance' by widening the track.

Aftermarket Suspension Upgrades - quality heavy duty suspension, GVM Upgrades - 2" Lift can dramatically improve a vehicles drive off and on the road 

Insurance and Overloaded roof limits - My Opinion

In the Event that a vehicle rolls over though speed / dangerous driving combined with overloaded /top heavy loads - I'd only makes sense that Insurance companies could find reason not to pay out. - Always drive safely. Adding weight to your vehicle is always going to mean its performace is reduced. Drive accordingly - Lower your speed, increase breaking distance and reduce the counter bevel surfaces your going to tackle. Walk everything first. And keep your family and friends safety at the No1 priority.


Bundutop clamshell Hard Shell Tent on Tough Touring Rack.jpg
80 Series Rack and Independent awning hook.jpg
Tough Touring Rack on Prado 150 Stealth RTT_edited.jpg
Bundu Clam on GU Patrol Tough Touring Rack.jpg
Bundutec Clam on GU Patrol with Ostrich wing on Tough Touring rack.jpg
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