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  Upgrading Hybrid Pop Top Campers to Pole Less wing awnings - The Parts you'll need and Awning Sizes

Bundutec Awning SET UP 2.jpg

What does it cost to Upgrade your awning to a Poleless wing awning? 

Installation estimates for a 13-15ft Hybrid will vary from Fitted to fitter, we manufacture and sell the Bracket systems via our online store here . (Prices vary from $490 - $750 Depending on the kit your require). removal of the old awning + disposal  and the Installation of  Brackets + Then the awning install can costs between $1000 and $1750 Labour costs.

You can bring your own awning for us to fit, (It Must be the right size and suited for purpose or we can't help you) or your welcome to just purchase our Hybrid awning brackets (Listed here) and Fit the awning up yourself.

Tough Touring does offer installation of awnings to hybrids as a service, and can usually do the upgrade in 2 -3 business days. (must be booked in and wait times for bookings is usually 2-4 weeks). 


What Parts are Involved in the upgrade?

1. Tough Touring Hybrid Brackets

2. Your chosen awning 
3. Rain Gutter sometimes required (Aluminium angle or plasic). (Parts and Labour  costs car be added as in an option if required)


Hybrid campers have no usable strength in their walls - Thus our brackets are required to hold the awnings immense twist strain through triangulation across the walls top plates. 


When you open the pop top, the pop top roof 'shimmies' outwards 50mm each end when you push up inside to put it up. There is no room behind the awning to put bolts to bolt the awning onto the van, so all awning fitting bolts must be accessable at each outside end of the van.

There are Two Types of Tough Touring AWNING TO Hybrid Brackets -

Universal Awning to Hybrid brackets  flare outwards to facilitate bolting points outside the vans roof line. 

Once the Brackets are fitted - they sit 190mm WIDER than the trailers pop top roof length. 

Thus It is ALWAYS necessary to order an awning 200mm LONGER than the length of your pop top roof. These Bracket sets suit All Supapeg and Bushwakka Meg awnings.

Bundutec 360 Awning to Hybrid Brackets

In the case of you purchasing a Bundutec 360 Hybrid Awning - These have been designed a little differently and we make a bracket for them specifically "Flush Fit Bundutec 360 awning to Hybrid Brackets" - in which case the awning can be ordered the same length as your pop top Hybrid campers roof.


Shorter awnings that are forward fold 180 and rear 270 Like the Supa PEg Sheild 6 can be fitted however additional parts are required. 

Because the Awnings back plate is not long enough to span the Mounting width (Pop top lenth + 190mm) - an additional Aluminium Angle section that SPANS the Entire length (Pop top Length +190mm) Must be present, or it will need to  fabricated and fitted. This angle also works great as a Gutter to prevent rain coming down the wall of the van. 

With Likely sizes of the aluminium Angle being 4m or longer, its often necessary to have these angles made to suit. 

The Correct Size to order to suit our Brackets is 120mm x 150mm in 3mm Alunimium. 

Rain gutters can be made out of plastic or lighter folded sheet. (Only has to serve purpose of re-directing water.)

Some vans already have the Aluminium angle fitted. 

Bonus if this is you... Part of the job is done. 

Hybrid Camper Brackets by Tough Touring 2.jpg

Tough Touring Pole Less Awning to Hybrid Camper Brackets 

If you own one of these trailers and are going to purchase and install a Bushwakka MEG or Supa Peg awning or other supported model - Ensure that you read the notes on the Product page here and order the correct length awning ! Going to do the installation yourself ! Good on you - We sell the Bracket kits for DIY legends here - Click the link below. 


Hybrid Camper Brackets by Tough Touring.jpg

BushWakka 'MEG' Pole less / Trussed 360 degree Hybrid awning 

As Shown in the video above on this page, - The MEGwas the  First Purpose built Hybrid camper awning on the market maufactured in China to suit 13-14ft hybrid campers-  It was Available in 3.8m and 4.2m sizes - At time of last update 23/4/24 we were advised by customers the Meg was not currently available in Australia - this could change, contact Buswakka directly for enquiries.


 - Please note that this awning design had its challenges early on due to incorrect available sizing. The awning back plate did not suit the range of Hybrid trailers on the Aussie market very well as they tend to require a 2.9, 4.1 and 4.3m Awning back plate - (Which at time of writing Buswakka  did not make - They were all 100mm too long or 100mm too short) 

From Factory the Meg has issues with water run off (due to zero pitch poles) - However it does flex in rain and allow run off.

Bundutec Awning SET UP.jpg
Eezi Trail Parkes with Bundutec Awning 2.jpg

Upgrading Hybrid Campers to Pole Less Wing Awnings using Tough Touring Brackets 


Tough Touring manufactures the worlds strongest  bracket systems to allow fitment of pole less wing awnings to Hybrid Pop top camper trailers. 

The Bracket system 'traingulates' around the body of the trailer, attaching via 6 Nutsert M8 Bolts  each end, These Bolts are  drilled and Inserted /mounted through the pop tops top frame - creating a super strong supported brace around the body  of the trailer to allow Awnings  to  be fitted securely to these vehicles.  

Eezi Trail Parkes with Bundutec Awning.jpg

Manufacturers making Hybrid Camper awnings 

Bundutec  360 Degree (Double Ended) Hybrid  Awning... 

Bundutec  (South Africa) Presently Builds / offers its 360 (untrussed)  Degree awning now in custom sizes. This Awning has three Pitch Poles that automatically pop up at each end, and covers an enormous 20+ Squ Metres. 

At Time of Update 23/ 4 /24 to this page - this is the only "pole less awning" on the market that we can see has reliable supply chains. 

Its a Lightweight design, with canvas weights of maybee 150 Gsm - Arms are Lightweight also and whilst Guy Ropes are included - Its a good fast awning to erect and pack away - also does  excellent even water dispersion in heavy rain.  this awning should not be left unattended (Even when Guyed down) as wind exceeding 15Knots will likely start causing damage. 

Already available in Custom Sizes - You can order this awning via this Link here.

We build specific brackets for this awning - they allow for the awning to be ordered in the same length as the pop top roof... "Bundutec 360 Hybrid awning to pop top brackets " 

Bundutec Awning SET UP 3.jpg

Supa peg Australia

Heavy Duty Australian Made Awnings 

Supa Peg has a Large Range of Awnings built specifically to suit Hybrid campers. They also make wall kits, Pegs, Guy ropes and other accessories to complement their awnings. They Pre-Drill most of the range weve seen   to accept their class leading Pole systems for added strength in wind (And to keep walls in shape in wind). 

At present we would . CLASS the range of Supa Peg awnings in General  as - HEAVY DUTY - Most Models Can Be Guyed down in wind. Suitable for wind speeds up to around 20Knots any direction with GUys and Poles added. Set up Time - 2 Minutes 30 Seconds on average, and  Pack Up times of 5  Min - to be expected . The Supa Peg Hybrid awning range is the preferred awning for customers wanting strength / security and quality in Australia - Set up and Pack up times are much slower than the Bundutec 360 awnings pictured above, however the supa peg awning has major benefits over the Bundutec awning in regard to duarbility in wind and comfort from the elements in windy/colder climates, as they also incorporate full wall kits, and have provision for solid guy strapping in poor conditions.

To Install this awning you will need Tough Touring Universal Awning brackets - See link here

Their Range is simply too large for us to stock... See them directly for all awning enquiries. 

NOTE :  To fit Any Awning up  successfully you have to order the  right size - If doing so using our Tough Touring Hybrid awning brackets, ensure that the awning you order has a back plate length 190mm LONGER than your exact POP TOP roof measurement


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