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Supa Peg Awning

Weve just started putting together info on these awnings - recent steps by Supa Peg to manufacturer Truely Ridgid pole less awnigns here in Australia have got us a bit excited! Their quality canvas (wax converters) and extensive range of Poles, Pegs and everything walls, awnings etc sets them apart from the rest. 

This Awning has a complete wall Kit available too. 

The Outbound range tested here shows intelligent design, with their arms running single beam 70x 30mm Aluminium Arms with crazy strong hinging pivots creates a repairable, solid frame for even the windiest conditions. This is the first 'Un Trussed' awning we've seen that has the stiffness to handle Southern States wind and weather. 

Shown here on a Nissan GU Patrol, we mounted the awning to the existing Ocam Rack using Tough Touring (Awning to rack ) Pipe bar Brackets  

For fitting this awning to other applications - we have over 75 combinations on mounting brackets - you can find the right one for your application here 'Tough Touring Brackets' 

The Shield awnings come in various sizes too - with a larger range being considered for their obvious applications to hybrid campers. More on this Hybrid Camper Developent of awnings here 

GU Patrol with Forward 180 rear 270 Outbound Sheild Pole Less Wing awning.jpg
The Supa Peg Outbound Sheild 6 was chosen for this Nissan Patrol GU as the owner camps with up to 3 swags beside the vehicle in the Victorian High Country - where rain and snow protection are a must. 
Optional wall kit is not shown - however it is a great addition to stop sideways rain and sleet covering your swag in moisture overnight. 
Hinge Closeup.jpg
Outbound Sheld 6 On GU patrol.jpg
Hybrid 2.jpg
1. Wax converters Aussie Canvas - Simply put - the finest canvas in the world.
2. Intelligent use of  50 x 25 Aluminium RHS on arms that slide into hinge means broken arms can easily be replaced anywhere with readily available aluminium.  (Break an arm, simply slide it out and rivet in a new one)

3. Walls attach under trim edge, minimising water ingress when in use.

4. Gaps between erecting arms are sufficcient to stop any fast pack ups causing scizzor cut issues

5. Super stiff - can be run pole less in up to 15 knots of wind. Guy points integrated for tie downs in harsh weather.
GU Patrol with Forward 180 rear 270 Outbound Sheild Pole Less Wing awning FRONT PIC.jpg
mercedes Sprinter with Supa Ped Sheild 6.jpg
Mercedes Sprinter.jpg
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