Awning to rack Down Mount  Bracket Kits

Awning to Rack  (Down)
Price: $300 + Shipping

These racks are specifically designed to be mountable Below  the rack. These bracket kits work well on a huge range of surfaces and vehicles. 

We fit them to: 

  • Pipe bar / roll bars and cages

  • Flat / touring / platform racks

  • Coffee carts, vertical trailer bars


These racks have laser cut rivet and bolt holes positioned along the axis of the brackets. This allows flexability in finding mounting points with strength, regardless of the surface, and with variant inset brackets we provide - they will suit most trade racks as well.


They can be mounted  'Down' usually to lower the height of the awning. They are especially popular on the following vehicles:

  • Toyota Troopies / Troop carrier in the Down position with an alternate front bracket (As the full lenth troopie rack is 2.8m long! longer than any awning we know of) 

  • Open Trays with pipe bars (79 series utes)

  • Iveco trucks etc. 

To see if this bracket is right for your vehicle - firstly find the tallest person you camp with and have them stand them beside your vehicle, taking care to measure them up against the roof rack height on your truck. Poleless wing awings will pivot out from the rear edge of the rack at 90 degrees right from the bottom edge of the mount point. If your rack is 5'10 off the ground - but your 6'2, and you can't reach the Bag or Zippers - Your going to need a DOWN mount. (and a bigger garage :)!

Awning To Rack Bracket - mounted in 'DOWN ' position. Suits flat racks especially well where less height is needed.