Awning to Rack Bracket - Universal FLAT Touring Racks

Awning to Rack Bracket - Universal FLAT Touring Racks


The Tough Touring brand was built on  manufacturing of the world's strongest poleless awning brackets - with precision laser-cut components to suit almost any combination of rack and awning. Brackets can be ordered below in 'UP' 'DOWN' or "Mid' Mount configuration depending on your desired awning height in relation to your rack.


To work out what bracket you require - Measure your rack against the tallest person you travel with , then Select your rack type: UP, DOWN, or MID mount, plus your  rack and awning type and we will customise your kit to suit. 
If your rack is a 2021 Rhino pioneer or ARB Base Rack - Please be sure to advise as these rack types have specific components we include to allow easier fittment. 


Mounting the brackets require typical tools, drills (6mm, 8.5mm, 11mm) a rivett gun and 13mm spanners.  Some fitters will also use Nutsert insets or Rivnuts if desired -  Please consult fitting instructions downloadable on this page to asses if this is a job for you or a professional. 

Rack Brand / Model / Type
Awning type and brand

    Brackets come with Lifetime warranty against breakage

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