Toyota Troopcarrier

About: The Troopie

The Troopie is in its own class as a 4-up tourer. Two in the tent, two in the truck. It's still got room for gear on the massive rack can carry heaps of fuel and water...

Toyota Troopcarrier with Bundutop tent f
Rooftop tents: what's the best rooftop tent for the Troopie?
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Roof racks: made by  Tough Touring for the Hilux

The Troopie can run a 2.8m roof rack as a standard size - making it one of the largest roof load carrying spaces available (Stock!) Its suspension (leaf sprung rear/front rear) enables it to carry loads with stability and gives the vehicle a confident off-road stance in difficult terrain. Its long wheelbase and LSD or E-locking rear diff which is standard on almost the whole range, makes it a true weapon in the rough.

The Troopie is one of the best touring vehicles you can own. It has major wins on the rooftop tent front too - its huge roof space allows hardshell tents to be mounted well forward (As per pics beside) - leaving room on the roof for additional gear, and or a step-up platform for easy entrance into the tent.


We have fitted countless rooftop tents to Troopies, as well as awnings to stock and fibreglass roof conversions. 

Rooftop tents give the Troopie 1st class accommodation with excellent ventilation as opposed to accommodation in the vehicle - adding a tent to the roof also allows you to run seating internally for 4 or more. 

Awnings: Poleless Wing Awnings and the Troopie

Poleless wing awnings - with or without rack? 

Awnings displayed in our pics are Ostrich 270 degree poleless wing awnings 2.45m arms give plenty of room while setting up and pack up is achieved in under 20 seconds single-handed.


Walls zip on to the awning also, creating a further 12sqm of outdoor shelter if required. Like all vehicles - we make brackets to fit up poleless wing awnings to most common racks available for the Troopcarrier.

Troopie Brackets with Pole Less 270 Wing Bushwakka awning on Fibreglass Pop Finished resul

Tough Touring poleless awning bracket systems have started being manufactured. The brackets are extremely strong and prevent awning twist - allowing fitment of poleless wing awnings like the Ostrich 270 degree wing awning.

Tough Touring Pole Less Wing Awning Brackets for Toyota Troopcarrier 

Pop Top Troop carriers can also now run poleless wing awnings without a roof rack using our Gutter mounting Awning brackets. 

In the case of Pop tops / Kea Conversions, etc this is facilitated by our bracket that is gutter mounted. Its a custom order at the moment. More information on it here.

Troopie Brackets with Pole Less 270 Wing Bushwakka awning on Fibreglass Pop 2  top.jpg
Troopie Pole Less wing awning brackets by tough touring No rack required.jpg