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Toyota Troopcarrier - Pop Tops and Standard

The Troopie is in its own class as a 2 or 4-up tourer. It's capable, Economical, Reliable and  got plenty of room for gear. We are seeing more and more of them being converted into Pop top campers and Tough Touring has designed and manufactured the below components to make them more comfortable when off Grid in the bush.

How to Fit  Poleless Wing Awnings to your Toyota Troopy or Troopcarrier Pop Top 

Tough Touring manufactures 4 styles of Pole Less Wing Awning Brackets for Toyota Troopcarrier and Pop Top Troopies - they clamp up to the troopcarrier Gutter, putting the awning within reach for easy set up and packing and being gutter mount - they do not requiring any roof rack - Making them suitable for Pop tops and high roof campers.

1. Pop top Troopies 270 Pole less awning brackets

Tough Touring 270 Degree Pole Less Awning brackets have given pop top owners the freedom to run pole less awnings without need of a roof rack. The Brackets fit up to the troopies existing gutter system - leaving the pop top lid free to open and close independently. The Bracket set has front, rear and drivers side brackets for a super stable awning mount - triangulated across the rear of the Troop carriers body to create immense anti twist strength. The Brackets are shipped pre assembled for easy install.



2. Pop Top Troopies Shower cubicle brackets

 Allow Fitment of Shower cubicles to all troopies as well as pop top troopies - they can be optioned as an addition to the above 270 Wing awning brackets or purchased as a totally stand alone kit. - More about these Shown here on the Tough Touring shop page. 


3. Pop Top Troopies Rear pull out awning brackets - 

Suitable for 'Pull out' awnings up to 1.4m wide, these brackets clamp up to the troopcarriers gutter - allowing a small awning to be fitted at the rear of the truck - perfect for cover over the rear barn doors. 

4. Awning brackets for Troop Carrier running roof racks - 10 styles of awning brackets to suit popular roof racks fitted to troopies. 

Tough Touring manufactures over 10 types of Awning to roof rack brackets - that allow you to fit your 270 awning, shower cubicle or rear pull out awning to many popular roof racks on the market today. see here brackets to fit up poleless wing awnings to most common racks available for the Troopcarrier.

Troopie KIT.jpg
Shower side adapter.jpg

Awnings displayed in our pics here are Ostrich 270 degree poleless wing awnings 2.45m arms give plenty of room while setting up and pack up is achieved in under 20 seconds single-handed. However most popular 270 Awnings fit up fine. 


Walls zip on to the awning also, creating a further 12sqm of outdoor shelter if required. Like all vehicles - These awnings have been Game Changers in the Market (at a fair price too) since we opened some 8 years aga. Many brands have copied - and also came up with good awnings - but none have managed to get as good / full inclusions  awning out at the price or quality  of an Ostrich wing. 

Troopie hook pics 3.jpg
Troopie hook pics 1.jpg
Troopie Brackets with Pole Less 270 Wing Bushwakka awning on Fibreglass Pop 2  top.jpg
Troopy Rear awning mounts.jpg


Tough Touring Builds a Renewable Power Stations  for Troopies -  these can also 'Slide in' Slide out of rear under bed or cupboard spaces.


Shown Below - The RPS 1000  converts the Troopie into a totally off grid camper - capable of running household applances and recharging its power faster than you can use it.

The Benefits of a 'Plug and Play' Install are limitless over a built in system. More discussion  on these packs vs Custom Dual Battery Installations  here -

RPS in Canopy 2.jpg
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