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Tough Touring Roof Top Tent Racks

80 Series Rack and Independent awning hook.jpg

Tough Touring Roof top Tent Roof Racks

Lowest profile on the market
M8 Bolts all-round. No welds to tear 
Light weight (approx 23kgs most racks)

Easy Install - Easy RTT Removal
Designed Specifically for typical RTT

When RTT tent is removed - add planks to set up a fully functional flat touring rack
Australian made.

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Benefits of a Tough Touring Roof Top Tent rack. 

Easy Tent removal when not in use:

Tough Touring RTT Racks are Unique  the top edge of the rack 'feet' fold outwards, providing 'beside the vehicel' access to all mounting bolts. OUr Use of Aluminium  Top Hat rack  planks  facilitate universal male/femail bolt thread options.

For information on Options to Fit your Roof Top tent alongside a Pole Less Wing awning / Rack TYPES  and our understanding of Roof load limits - There is MORE INFORMATION HERE - 

Disco 3 and 4 rack.jpg
Tough Touring Rails on Disco 3 Tuff Trek2.jpg

"Tough Touring Roof top tent racks take the tent low, and can still double as a good solid roof rack when the tent is off the vehicle."

Information on Vehicle Roof load Limits is Discussed here

When preparing your  vehicle for carrying touring Gear like Roof top tents, Awnings, Swags or additional mattresses etc)  - Some of this is covered here in detail.

If you need to have your roof top tent installed to your rack seperatly to your pole less wing awning (James Baroud, Motop, most plastic or fibreglass tents) - More on the rack variation we do for this purpose is discussed here - 
"Independent awnings to racks for roof top tents"

Lowest, Strongest and Lightest  Racks in the world for Quality Off road Roof top tents and Awnings

Roof top Tent Roof Racks for roof rail  type Wagons

Tough Touring Roof top tents racks 
Available for these 'Roof rail Type' vehicles:

Toyota 100 series

150 Prado

120 Prado

200 Series Land Cruisers

300 Series Land Cruiser

Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4

Y62 Nissan Patrol 


Isuzu Mux

Watch the Video 'Roof Rail type roof rack Installation below for Instatllation Tips 

Roof top tent racks for Gutter vehicles

Gutter Racks Specifically Built for Roof top tent and Awning fitting are now in Production  for: 
Toyota 79 series

Toyota 76 Series

Toyota 80 Series

Toyota Troopcarrier

GU and GQ Patrol

Discovery 1 and 2

Toyota Troopcarrier

Land Rover Defender 110 

Mistubishi Pajero pre 1992

Roof top Tent roof racks  available for the Below 'Dual Cab Utes'

Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute

Ford Ranger

BT 50 Dual Cab Ute

Isuzu D Max Dual Cab Ute

Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab Ute

Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab Ute 

Nissan Navara

Chevy Silverado LTZ and Trailboss

Dodge Ram coming soon

For more information and images of the Dual Cab Ute Over Cab mounts, Click here " Dual Cab Roof Racks" 

Roof top tent racks for canopies

Roof Top tent racks for Off Road Trailers

Tough Touring Offroad Trailer Racks are the perfect mounting platform for Roof top tents and Pole less wing awnings. They are designed to add a Platform above the trailers top for improved storage of large items like tables and firewood, while supporting your fast set up touring tent over your trailer without the need for awning lifting arms. 

These Racks are Now in Production for: 

Ford Ranger with TT rack over cab and Independent awning torack.jpg

The Vehicles on this page are all fitted with Tough Touring awning to rack or awning to tent brackets which combine Pole Less awnings easily to your roof rack or tent.


 Visit our  'Your vehicle set up' Pages which have a vehicle selector tool to ensure you get the right racks and Brackets to fit your tent and Awning to your vehicle.

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