Tough Touring Roof Racks

Solid foundations for your rooftop tent and poleless wing awning

Roof top tents and Touring Awnings need specialist racks to carry their bulk and weight Low and secure.


  • Tough Touring roof rails are the Lowest profile in the market

  • Specifically designed to accept most brands of hard and softshell roof top tents

  • Allow rooftop tents to be removable

  • Adaptable. Tough Touring racks can be used as ordinary roof racks when the tent is removed. 

  • You can Bolt up poleless wing awning brackets directly to the rack planks Tough Touring make..

  • Tough Touring Tent to vehicle racks weigh in at under 15kg. for some models of tent, and under 25kgs on models used with tents that do require cross bars. (Our heavist roof tent to vehicle kit is still Less than half the weight of most typical roof racks.)

Lowering your Rooftop tent's mounting position on the vehicle's roof has a dramatic positive effect on the vehicle's handling, and drag characteristics, as well as making the whole set-up look a whole lot better!!

About our Racks:

Our Unique rack has the mounting bolts 'on the outside,' allowing you to bolt up your tent  to the rack  planks directly from beside the vehicle. 

With the tent and rack plank mounting bolts accessible 'outside the rails,' your roof top tents is easily removable by simply unbolting the planks they are attached too.

No spanners under the rack anymore! No impossible bolts to reach! All components are manufactured 100% in Victoria Australia, and like all our products, have been built for superior strength and ease of use.

The Tough Touring Roof racks shown in the pics below vary in weight - most are approx at 13kg when running 3 cross planks, Overall height above roof skin is between 10mm and 30mm across the range of vehicles supported.


Tent installation is simple: Bolt the adapter plates to the tent. Now you can slide the tent onto the rails from the rear, and bolt them up 'On the outside'. No Lowering with hoist required. 

"Tough Touring Roof racks take the tent low, and double as a good solid roof rack when the tent is off the vehicle."

Tough Touring Low mount roof rack pic 2.
TOugh Touring low mount roof rack.jpg

At present (May 2021) we are making one piece

WAGON Roof Rail Racks

Available for:

  • Toyota 100/105 series , 120, 150 Prado and 200 Series Land Cruisers

  • Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4

  • Y62 Nissan Patrol (not yet finalised)
    For More info and Images of the Tough Touring Roof racks for Wagons - Visit our store page

We are also building Over Cab roof racks for

Dual Cab Over Cab

Tent mounting available for:

  • Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute

  • Ford Ranger / BT 50 Dual Cab Ute

  • Isuzu D Max Dual Cab Ute

  • Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab Ute

  • Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab Ute 

For more information and images of the Dual Cab Ute Over Cab mounts, visit our Dual Cab over Cab racks page

We also manufacture a Universal roof rack to suit almost all other types of vehicles not mentioned above. 

Tough Touring Roof Racks

  • 100% Australian made/design (Victoria)

  • Lowest profile on the market

  • M8 Bolts all-round. No welds to tear 

  • Unique design means all bolts are accessible from beside the vehicle

  • Lowest wind noise possible

  • Can accommodate clearances between leading poleless wing awnings and vehicles/tents. 

  • When RTT tent is removed - add planks to set up a fully functional flat touring rack

  • Look way cool :)

The Vehicles on this page are all fitted with Tough Touring Tent to vehicle kits which are a combination of our roof rails and Tough Touring roof planks or adapter plates.


We put together specific kits for each vehicle and tent combination. Visit our  Shop page which has a vehicle selector tool to ensure you get the right kit to fit your tent to your vehicle.

Dual Cab over cab rack by tough touring