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Toyota 80 Series

Featuring a Gutter rack and Lifting tail gate rear - The 80 series has been a staple for 4wd Touring since it hit the roads. 

Capable of serious loads on the roof - we designed a solid 1 piece roof rail rack to distribute loads evenly across the gutters - while keeping the centre of gravity as low as possible. 

Our one piece gutter rail won't hang up on trees - and were happy to warrant it for any laod you want to carry. 

Hand machined clamps in billet alluminium with precision folded double bolted clamps ensure ultimate strenth - while our load bars can handle point loads of 100kgs each. (Total of 300kgs no problem)

The 80 series shown in the Pictures is running a Bundutop Standard Tent - Mounted on our Underslung roof bars - The tent base sits approx 20mm above the roof skin. (Nice and Low). 

The Introduction of Bar Planks onto our Tough Touring 1 Peice roof Gutter rails will allow the 80 series to run a pole less awning Beside the roof top tent - adding versatility to the set up - (Take the tent off and leave the awning on for some trips) while the bar planks can also allow tent removal in minutes - especially if running our T Bolt Bar plannk removal kit. 

More on the racks used here - 80 series Tough Touring  Rack

Mor on the RTT fitted here - Bundutec Bundutop

80 Series Rack and Independent awning.jpg
Bar Planks and Mid Mount brackets.jpg
80 series Rack.jpg
80 Series Rack and Independent awning hook.jpg

The Blue 80 Runs our Tough Touring 1 piece rack with 'Underslung' Rack planks, (Awning mounted to the tent)  while the White one runs our BAR planks to facilitate heavier loads and Independent awning mounting (Awning mounted to the rack)

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