Nissan Patrol GU & GQ

About: The Nissan Patrol GU & GQ

The Mighty Nissan Patrol GU and GQ run a gutter mount roof - The gutters roll inward around 100mm and front to rear drop approx 4mm each end - roof racks need to compensate with adjustable feet or a curved single rail mount to create a level mounting platform for this vehicle.

Roof Racks : what's the best Platform for touring gear or rooftop tent for the Nissan Patrol GU & GQ?

TOugh Touring Now Manufactures a One Piece BOLT together Roof Rail Roof Rack for GU and GQ.

Typically we see ARB rack feet (they offer a broad and lower/ adjustable rack foot) and the chinese copies of these the most, and while they do the job, they are very hard on the gutter area, due to the lack of clearance between the door and the gutter. Overtightening bends the roof gutter itself, and fitting the rack bars requires the feet to be positioned right on the outside edge of the gutter - adding 'potential leverage' toward gutter tear and flex . The Lowest Rack foot you can purchase for the GQ GU is a 120mm rack foot (Several suppliers make them including front runner, iron man, Ocam, ARB) which when fitted leave an 80mm gap between the rack and the roof. They look very High!

To deal better with the curve in the roofline and allow roof rack bars to be level and Super Low - We designed a Roof rack ourselves that is Superior to anything else on the market for the mounting of Roof top tents. Our Tough Touring Once Piece Roof rail roof rack  sits a mere 10mm off the roof skin and can handle very heavy loads with Less negatives on the vehicles handling (Being so low).
The Tough Touring Racks take almost Any RTT known to us - providing widths from 1350 - 1680 mm and taking up to 200kgs in offroad environments.

They've changed the game for us - making fitting at a professional level possible for anyone

GU patrol with Tough Touring Rack and Ostrich wing awning.jpg

The White GU Patrol is Fitted with a Tough Touring One Piece Roof rail Rack and then Tough Touring UP brackets, Ostrich Pole Less 270 Wing awning and Bundutop RTT

Nissan GU patrol with Bundutop Tent and
Roof Top Tents : what's the best for the Nissan Patrol GU & GQ?

The GU and GQ Can handle almost any RTT once your rack is sorted. Popular tents fitted here tend to be the Bundutop by Bundutec - its one of the lightest at just 76kg mattress in. It also handles the biggest solar panel - a big 400w panel fits on top. More on this tent here. Its features are hard to beat in touring tents where comfort, speed and ease of use are the main priorities.  Other tents worth a mention - The Boss RT1, its a huge Clamshell - with a perfect finish. Suits the GU well - takes a lot to go past its impressive Aussie made quality. My tip is avoid purchasing gear manufactured in China - It's just going to be something that you end up buying twice. 

The White GU is fitted with Bundutop standard tent, Ostrich wing awning and Tough Touring Brackets, with upgraded ladder mount on ARB Feet.

The white GU is fitted with the new Boss RTT Clamshell - Also on ARB rack feet and running an Ostrich wing awning. 

Awnings: and the Nissan Patrol GU & GQ?

Ostrich Wing Awnings are a high quality poleless 270 degree wrap around awning. The barn doors on the Patrol are great - Providing easy fitting of Pole less awnings, and the Ostrich wing awning would be our pick of them all to date.