Nissan Patrol GU & GQ

The Mighty Nissan Patrol GU and GQ run a gutter mount roof - making simple gutter mount roof racks the obvious mounting platform for this vehicle. Typically we will fit ARB steel rack feet - (They offer a broad and lower/ adjustable rack foot) which will deal with the curve in the roofline and allow roof rack bars to be level after fitting. 

The Bush Company tents have racks built-in East-West into the base of the tent, which means you can bolt the rack feet straight to the tent (no crossbars) meaning a lower and lighter fitment. 


The Patrol joins our list of favourite vehicles to fit out for offroad touring, Super low profile fitting is possible with this truck. 

If you are considering purchasing a Bundutop RTT, Eezi-Awn Stealth, Moremi Sport or Camp King tent, 3 steel or aluminium load bars are run on ARB rack feet. We stress that ARB rack feet are the go as their large footprint and adjustable height work well with the gutters on the GU and GQ. 

Once you have three level crossbars you can mount any rooftop tent with minimal weight.

Below and Beside are pics of recent fit-ups. The Blue GU has an Eezi-Awn Blade Rooftop tent fitted on ARB Rack feet, the White GU is fitted with Bundutop standard tent, Ostrich wing awning and Tough Touring Brackets, with upgraded ladder mount on ARB Feet. The bottom white GU is fitted with the new Boss RTT Clamshell - Also on ARB rack feet and running an Ostrich wing awning. 

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