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Toyota 76 Series

The 76 Takes 4 up touring to new comfort levels - with immense towing capacity as well as a decent load bearing roof - we can install any roof top tent on this vehicle with almost no noticable effect on performance.

Tough Touring Roof top tent Racks for the 76 series Toyota...

We started manufacturing a better rack system for the 76 series to create a rack Lower, stronger and wider roof rack than was presently available.   

More on the Tough Touring Roof Top Tent  racks for 76 here -

General Info on Tough Touring Roof top tent racks here 

We also build a platform rack for the 76 series - Coming Soon.

The Most Popular Roof tents fitted to 76 here would be the Bundutec Bundutop - and the Tuff Trek Mk3  They are both  well suited to this vehicle as they can carry gear... Either ontop (tuff trek) or on the Bundutop its the  flat sides that offer good real estate for carrying shovels, max tracks, axes and Awnings.

Awnings and the 76 Series

By and Large - Pole less awnings for fast set up are worth the investment if your going to be setting up and packing down often. - the Ostrich wing awning presents the most versatility in It can be easily turned into an extra room by adding its heavy duty zip on walls for swag camping.. More on the Ostrich wing here. 

Tough Tournig Builds 'Slide in' Dual battery systems that suit the 76 - check them out here 
76 pic ones rack.jpg

The 76 as a long distance Touring vehicle

The 76 series Wagon has no room for carrying firewood or dirty objects like chainsaw, porta-potti, garbage etc - So available space around the vehicle is valuable realestate. 

Rear wheel carriers can add vital storage space for 1 spare, 1 jerry , a chainsaw and a garbage bin/bag which can double as carrying toilet buckets etc. The Sides of flatter (square edge) Rtt are also usable mounting surfaces for Axes, Shovels, Max trax and Pull out awnings. Especially suited to this vehicle and all offroad touring Wagons are Load bearing Roof top tents, Of which the Tuff Trek Mk3 would have to be our favorite.

Storing chairs etc and additional bedding such as swags starts to look to the roof of the RTT for another usable area but the 76 is typically pretty High and Loading and unloading each day can be tiring. 

76 pic  rack.jpg
76 Series Tough Touring Roof Rack for Hard Shell RTT Extra Planks added.jpg
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