Toyota 79 Series

79series finished side view .jpg

The 79 teases us with potentialy comfortable off raod touringfor  4  - But it is still difficult unless the touring gear your using  is multi purpose and weight is well distributed.


This truck will take any roof tent - but the thing to watch is weight over the rear. Newer installs have been concentrated on running the tent over cab - rather than over the canopy, centring the weight and maintaining max traction over the front wheels.

Roof top tent camping has its drawbacks as well as its advantages - the big drawbacks are negotiating the ladder straight out of the tent. If you can mount the tent further forward, you get the opportunity to run a platform and if possible some empty tray at the rear - negating the need for full-height ladders. Worth thinking about!

The 3 Roof top tents we've chosen as the best in the world (All for different reasons) are discussed here - They would be the Bundutop, Boss RT1, and possibly the Eezi Awn Stealth ... (Just our opinions and why) 

Our Favorite longer term touring tent for the 79 series is the Bundutop by Bundutec. It has the smallest footprint of all the Hard Shell Tents, Allowing either the cab rack or canopy rack to still carry gear .. The Bundutop will allow up to 400w of solar to be fitted, while being among the lightest tents, minimising body roll and maximising comfort . We built racks for this that fit it low and strong straight to the 79. 


And Did I mention that you should run RTTover the cab on a 79? Hahahahah... Yes. Its the way to go. , . More on these 'Bundutop tents here... 


Tough Touring now builds an Over cab roof rack for 79 designed specifically for roof top tents for the 79. Sitting just 20mm off the roof - they are low, light, strong and can handle tent sizes up to 1600mm wide. 

We also do an Over front cab rack for the Single Cab 79 UTE. - 

More on them here 


We'd reccommend the Ostrich wing awning for the ultimate touring awning for 4 persons in this vehicle. 

See more on it here - The main plus being the ability to use the awning also as secondary shelter for 2 persons at ground level at night... (Add walls and a swag or 2 bunkers). Its also a big awning capable of shade and protection from rain and wind - plenty of room for 4. 

Fitting Pole less awnings (The Ostrich) is not straightforward on the 79 as the awning needs to be fixed on the tray as well as running a stabilizer on the cab. Flex between the cab and tray is as much as 35mm either way under articulation, so the front stabilizer brackets need to be able to flex as well. 

We designed a 3 Bracket system for the 79 series. They can be fitted to canopies, Hoop bar rear and require a roof rack or similar over the cab for the front bracket to be fitted to. For more detail see them here - "Dual cab 3 point pole less awning bracket"

79 Rack Tough Touring Forward mount.jpg
79 Series Toyota with Bundutec
Rear canopy bracket 79.jpg
79series front bracket.jpg

The 79 Series features a Longer Cab and Tray  than most Dual Cabs - Canopy Footprint is typically 1700mm and 1400mm available over the roof... For pole less awnings the chassis twist requires a 'flexing' front bracket  to accommodate awnings of over 2.2m. We have manufactured a 3 Point Span /Flexing Bracket kit that suits the 79 Series and allows Pole Less 270 Awnings to be fixed to the rear of the tray and also be supported at the front over the cab. More on them here 

79 SEries with Tough Touring 1 Piece Roof rails.jpg
79 Series rnning Bundutop King Ostrich and Tough Touring Over Cab Rack .jpg