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Toyota Land Cruiser 100 

Toyota 100 and 105 series has the highest roof load rating of all roof rail type setups -  There are addional roof mounting points hidden under the front rubber section of the rails too... A total of 4 Mount points each side running m8 Bolts...  

Roof top tents for the Toyota 100 series:

You can fit any of the RTT shown on our Roof top tents page to the 100 - The Key is fitting them up low to maintain minimal wind noise and the best fuel economy. Our Picks of the top 5 Tents for this vehicle and why listed on the Prado 150 page here (The 100,105 series shares this selection with the other Toytta Wagons as the all have similar  roof Load, Fittings, lengths and challenges with carrying gear.


Tough Touring have manufactured  Platform roof racks for  the 100 series to provide the ideal foundations for carting your touring gear. 

Tough Touring Also builds specifically designed roof top tent Racks for the 100 series - 


  • Lowest fit up on the market / Lighter - no platform

  • Low wind noise

  • Superior strength - 

  • Tents are removable via bolts on the outside - and rack planks can be added instead as needed.

  • Tough Touring rails have been designed to work in with many poleless wing awnings to allow low fitment to avoid fouling on the rear door, and also to close up the gap between the back edge of the awning and the rear door.

  • We have designed a 100 series roof rail to carry the Tuff Trek Mk3 Roof top tent without a roof rack basket,  (Due to the east west cross bars built into this tent). It gets the tent lower than ever possible. More on these here " Tuff Trek Installation" 

100 series with Stealth and Tough Tourin
Tuff Trek on 100 Install.jpg

Getting your tent LOW and Strong - Tough touring Roof racks are fitted to the vehicles shown on this page with Eezi Awn Stealth, Bush Company Alpha and Bundutop  Roof top tents.

105 series with Stealth Sitting on Tough

" The 100 and 105 series share very similar Roof Characteristics to the  Older 80 and newer 200 and 300 series toyota - so rather than repeat ourselves - the roof top tent selections available for the 100 are the same choices as you would run on the 200..." 

Like all 4wd Wagons, the 100 series  has nowhere to carry dirty equiment like firewood / chaisaws etc - so load bearing Roof top tents can provide handy up top storage space - The Tuff Trek Mk3 is the lowest profile one we've seen with a big payload. Its beautifully finished and were calling it "the roof rack you sleep in" as it can be mounted without the roof rack basket.

More on these  new tents here "Tuff Trek Mk3 Roof Top tents ..

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