Like the Newer 200 series, the 100 Series and 105 series  Roof racks are run via a roof rail system. The 100 series has the highest roof load rating of all roof rail type setups - making it an obvious Touring vehicle of choice. 

Roof top tents for the Toyota 100 series

You can fit any of the RTT shown on our Roof top tents page to the 100 - There is no clear stand out that works better or worse when combined with this vehicle.  Basically the common attributes of low profile, solid mounting racks with the lowest weight are the go for the 100 as with all vehicles. For more information on the tents we reccommend - Go to our roof top tent page here 

Getting your tent LOW and Strong


Tough Touring have manufactured Tent to Vehicle Fitting kits specifically designed for the 100 series to provide the ideal foundations for roof top tents. and pole less awnings.​


* Lowest fit up on the market

* Low wind noise

* Superior strength - tested to 200kgs off road 

* Tents are removable via Bolts on the outside - and rack planks can be added instead as needed.
* Tough Touring rails have been designed to work in with many Pole less wing awnings to allow low fitment

See our Store page  for more on the roof rails.. .if you just want to run them anyway without a tent for the low profile.

100 series Cruiser fitted with Tough Tou

Pole less wing awnings for this vehicle listed here - 
270 wing awnings 

Tough Touring Roof Foot rails 150 Prado