Toyota Prado 120 & 150

The Prado features a roof rail or track mount rack system, common brands used to get the rack on are Front runner rails, tracks or Rhino Backbone systems.

Load ratings of Prado roofs are remarkably low, yet many customers are opting to use them as touring vehicles - we have not seen issues with roof tents and typical weights of around 75kg. 

The Prados pictured here are running (from Top right) - Eezi Awn Blade Hardshell RTT, Bundutec Bundutop and add a room, The Bottom right is also running a Blade by Eezi Awn. 

The Tents chosen by these customers are lighter weight tents. 


We have Also fitted Bush Company Black series, Eezy Awn Stealth, Moremi Sport to Prado's with Success. Getting them low and forward with solid foundations is the key. 

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