Toyota Prado 120 & 150


The Prado features a roof rail or track mount rack system, common brands used to get the rack on are Front runner foot rails to Slimline 2 Touring racks , tracks mount rails by ARB , Rhino Backbone to Pioneer rack, or a variety of cheap chinese systems.

The Prado's pictured here are running (from Top right) - Eezi Awn Blade Hardshell RTT, Bundutec Bundutop with 'add a room', The Bottom right is also running a Blade by Eezi Awn. 


We have Also fitted Many Prado's out with Bush Company tents , Eezy Awn Stealth, Blade and Dart, Moremi, as well as Boss and Camp King, and the Straight lifting Bundutop Tents to Prado's with great Success. Getting them low and forward with solid foundations is the key. 

Tough Touring roof racks (Roof top tent fitting kits)  for Toyota Prado 120 / 150

Tough Touring have manufactured one piece roof rails specifically for  the Prado to  provide the ideal foundations for roof top tents. .​ Wighing in at just 13 Kgs - and Sitting as low as 15mm from the vehicles roof, they are specifically designed to mount quaity roof top tents directly to this vehicle.

Tough Touring Roof rails (The Foundations of all racks) are unique in design, folding 'outwards' to allow easy access to the tents mounting bolts - keeping the tent low as possible on the vehicle by negating the need for cross bars or any rack platform on many types of tents. 
The Outward mount profile  also allows easier tent fitting and removal - 
While negating East west Crossbars on some tent types will further minimise vehicle height and wind noise. for more information on our roof rails and racks for tent mounting - see here- 'Tough Touring Racks

The selector on the shop page will ask you the combination of tent and vehicle - All tent types require different combinations of either roof rails, bars, adapter plates or cross bars... Leave that part up to us. We' know what you'll need and what you wont.

Roof Rail Adapter plate for quiet Toyota PRADO 120 and 150

Some time ago we began to manufacture a roof rail adapter system that allows fitment of the Bush Company Alpha and Black series directly to FRONT RUNNER roof rails - see roof rail adapter plates here  (negating the need for the platform rack itself).  More recently, we adapted the roof rail adapter system to suit Prado vehicles especially in combination with the Boss Aluminium RT1 , Eezi Awn Plate or Stealth Tents too...
for the combination of Front Runner and  Landcruiser Prado 150 and 200, the work has already been done. and roof rail adapter plates are a bolt up operation - no drilling required. The Adapter plates also 'square up' the taper in the roof line of the prado rails - giving owners the opportunity to make their roof tent fit up easily removable as all mounting bolts are accessable on the outside of the roof rail (can be accessed beside the vehicle)

Tough Touring Roof rails and adapter plates are built to sit between PRADO and the following tents:
Bundutec Bundutop, The Bush Company Delta and Alpha and Black series, Eezi Awn Stealth and Blade , Boss Aluminium RT 1 and Camp King.

Universal Tough Touring Rack on
Prado Toyota with Eezy awn Blade fitted.
Boss RT1 Roof top tent on Prado 150.jpg

Whats the Best roof top tent for a Toyota Prado?

Bundutec Bundutop - For ultimate Touring performance and Comfort, airflow and ease of use (Set up and pack up at push of a button) 4 way airflow and privacy. Skirt protection from moisture on walls. The Bundutop scores a 48 out of 50 in the key ingredients of a long term touring tents most important attributes. Its straigh lift design gives it unrivalled performance in regards to  Airflow. It is solid in strong wind, Fast to set up, handles snow heat and rain well and is probably impossible to beat for the hard core tourer.

Bush Company Alpha/Delta -  A well priced LOAD bearing tent with heaps of room and a bulletproof design - The Bush Company Alpha and Delta are  our Pick of the "load bearing' ' Bunch of Rtt in the Market today. Its the  best option if you've gotta carry heavy gear or dirty gear like firewood, chainsaws, fuel etc on the tent roof as a priority.

Boss Aluminium - Aussie manufacturing at its finest - HUGE space, Load carrying capacity while also running solar - Inner spring mattress comfort and excellent air flow and  respectable wind/rain performance. Super Comfortable in Hot or cold weather - Its on its own for quality and Insulated comfort. 

The Boss Tent Competes closely with the Camp King and Alucab designs, However its been further refined and improved with considerable weight savings and additional insulation as well as perhaps the best canvas work we've ever seen. 

Definatly check this one out if your after quality quality quality. 

Eezi Awn Stealth - Silent roof top tent with small footprint and big on bad weather comfort. Simple, tough and sleek....If its snowing sideways outside - you won't care when your inside this tent.