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Toyota Prado  120 & 150



The Tough Touring roof racks for Prado 120 and 150 sit 80mm further forward from the rear door than any other rack on the market so that pole less wing awnings cover the gap and stop the rain getting in. We've built them Low - sitting  a mere 20mm off the Prado's roof (at the highest point) making the TT Racks the lowest in the market. 

Weighing in at just 24Kgs (with the included 33mm high Top hat Bar planks.) The super low stance brings the mount height of your RTT to still only 55mm or so,  helping minimise body roll and reduce wind noise.


Tough Touring Roof top tent racks for prado 150 &120 are listed here on our shop page 

Tough Touring Platform Racks for the Prado 120 listed here

Tough Touring platform Racks for the Prado 150 Listed here

Prado 150 with Tough touring Rack.jpg

Challenges with the Toyota Prado 


The Toyota Prado has a fairly Narrow Roof line - Like all 4wd Wagons  - The first touring challenge with the Prado is where to carry firewood / water and dirty touring gear.

Rear Swing away Carriers can be handy for carrying water /wood and chainsaws as well as hanging a spare tyre. The crew at tough touring have had a lot of experience trying to find room for that elusive second spare tyre on 4wd wagons, and have found that carrying spare inner-tubes can be an excellent emergency spare tyre solution if the vehicle doesn't have the room. (Just make sure you practice changing a tube so you have the right tools to do it on the track).

If your going to be  Running a Hard shell roof top tent -We'd reccommend you look to a tent that can double as a roof rack ( like the Tuff Trek Mk3 at 87kgs  or the Bush Company DX27 at 112kgs) and can carry your bedding, Chairs inside,  and firewood, extra gear etc on top. 

You can  opt to mount Pole Less 270 Degree Awnings either on the side of quality RTT  or beside it on . Tough Touring roof racks as they are wide enough to accommodate even the bigger tents. Tough Touring  makes Awning to Tent Brackets as well as Awning to Roof rack brackets and Solar Panel Mounts for most of the top 5 Hard Shell Tent brands to provide the ideal touring set up for the Prado .​  There is a webpage here discussing the options when trying to combine awnings and Roof top tents on top of your truck here - 

Prado 120 TT rack Bundutop Tent Ostrich wing awn.jpg
Tough Touring Rack on Prado 150 and Drifta tent.jpg
Prado 120 Tuff Trek 1.jpg
 Poleless Wing awnings  Wing Awnings to suit the Toyota Prado 120 and 150

We like the Ostrich wing for its versatility and strengh for the Prado 120 and 150 varients. Wall Kits can be added to the Ostrich wing as it comes pre-fitted with Oversized Zippers and Integrated poles. With A couple of walls Up the Ostrich will provide all weather ground shelter for 4 undercover in Double Swags or provide excellent shade /rain cover in only 15 seconds of set up time.


Tough Touring makes Awning to rack brackets for most common rack and Awning combinations on the Prado 120 and 150. 

See more information on the Brackets to fit awnings to the Prado and your roof racks here >

Finished Fitting Ostrich to Rhino Tradesman Rack on Toyota LC 200 series.jpg
Prado 120 Tuff Trek 2.jpg
Prado 120 TT rack Bundutop Tent.jpg
What are  our Picks of the best rooftop tents for the Prado and Why?

1. Tuff Trek Mk 3 - High Lifting Clamshell


The Roof rack  you can sleep in" - This is a super low profile tent that just looks unreal on the Prado It Can be mounted without a roof rack - Getting it lower ans stronger than any other unit weve installed... (Tuff Trek Mk3 sits just 20mm off the roof).
we've put the Tuff trek at the top of the list for the its the thinest, Lightest High end canvas and Aluminium RTT on the market. Its Load bearing, can be mounted without the roof rack bars (even lower and lighter) and runs 4 steel poles for anti flapping in wind. 

The Tuff Trek Mk3 at 87 kgs, wins 'lightest tent' by design,  because  it can be mounted without the roof rack planks/ platform.  Lowering its stance and lowering weight on the rack (and saving money)  More on these incredible new tents here "Tuff trek Mk3 Roof top tent"

2. Bundutec Bundutop Standard Size 1350 x 2100:

For ultimate touring  comfort, the Bundutop is an Electric powered Straight lift tent that offers set up and pack up at push of a button) privacy, skirt protection from rain even with open windows as well as ample internal space to store Bedding / Clothes and lighweight camp chairs -  Its Our choice for the Best Combination of Space to weight and comfort suited to longer term touring in the Prado due to its limited space.


The Bundutop scores a 48 out of 50 in the key ingredients of a long-term touring tent's most important attributes. Its straight-lift design gives it unrivalled performance with regards to airflow and Comfortable Dry Accommodation in Wind and Rain. It sits solid in strong wind, fast to set up (Push the Button), It Can be fitted with Up to 400W of solar panel using our kits -  it is probably impossible to beat for the hard-core tourer travelling with a Prado due to all the above combined with a short 2.1m footprint and only 76Kgs Mattress in. 

Its Square sides are perfect for mounting recovery gear, shovels axles and Pole Less awnings using our Awning to tent brackets...

As a Mid Sized 4wd Wagon, the Prodo 120 and 150 are a challenge to find much  internal storage space for all your gear in the back -  We've gone down the road of building the Dual Battery systems as "portable" units  to get the installs more affordable and allow total removal to return the truck to standard when it suits the owner.

We  build 2 variations of   Renewable Power Stations charge at over 65AMPS PER HOUR with the engine running and solar installed to our spec.


More information on the RPS 1000 Renewable Power Station (portable Dual Battery System) for the Toyota Prado can be found here - 

RPS in Back of PRado 120.jpg

3. Bush Company Alpha/Delta:

Some years back - The Bush Company Tents topped our  list for mid sized 4wd wagons, and even 5 years on still get included on our top 3 RTT for the Prado because of their load-bearing design and Value for money. These are a quality well built tent.  
For 4 person Touring and camping  in the prado - The Bush co tent's can be also be used as a roof rack to carry swags, tents, bunkers, firewood, jerry cans etc - A real asset in the space poor Prado wagon. These Tents are Heavy at around 110kgs and can look Large on the Prado,  Their Quality finish and strength make them one of the best value tents on the market.

These Tents could have placed higher however their large Awning and 2 sprung steel pole combination does not fair well in strong wind. (The Alucab Gen 3 also runs sprung steel poles and suffers the same fate) The Awning on the Bush Co is fortunately removable if you camp in exposed areas.  but twihout an awning you are packing large areas of wet canvas daily if travelling before drying time.

Toyota Prado 150 with King Bundutop on Tough Touring Rack 2.jpg
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