Bundutop Tent to Vehicle Kit

Bundutop Tent to Vehicle Kit


The Tough Touring Bundutop to vehicle kit gives the lowest possible mount to roof rail type installations while allowing the Bundutop to be easily removed using ceiling hoist via 4 accessable bolts. .
See more on the details of the roof rails themselves on our Tough Touring Roof rails page ....


This kit contains :

1 Set of Tough Touring Roof Rails

5 x Front runner 1350 Slats or 5 Custom Steel Slats 1600mmin the case of Bundu King
Hardware to fit the slats to the rails. 


Tough Touring roof rails can be fitted by any roof rack fitter, or yourself if your handy. Included is a tube of Sikkaflex 221 Automotive sealant and new High tensile steel mounting bolts. Adding the rail planks is easy as the unique design of the TT roof rails allows all bolts to be accessed from beside the vehicle.  

The Roof rail kits have been designed by us to overcome the common issues arising with modern vehicles and typical roof loads exerted by RTT and Pole less awnings. Our kits accomomodate awnings without fouling on Vehicle wind fairings etc on most popular awning brands available today. 

Our Kits integrate seamlessly with Front runner outfitters components - allowing for maximum use of all their touring fitment accessories. 



  • Tec Specs

    Loads are warranted to 150kgs off road. 

    Our warranty extends to parts / supply only. Damage occasioned to your vehicle by operating under extreme loads in dangerous manner are not advised or covered. 

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