Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Solar Panels need proper ventilation to work efficiently. Our testing showed that panels lose over 50% of their power as surface temps go over 50 degrees Celsius... 

The simple aluminium box frame design of most panels available is not suitable for mounting to vehicle roofs. (there is no base to fix to.) The Slimline glue down panels get hot too quickly to be of any use, and the plastic block mounts you can purchase are heavy, expensive and require you to drill holes everywhere in your roof! 

Whilst we experimented with 50 x 50 aluminium angle, we needed a wider footprint to get a good bond surface for adhesives to really hang on. We designed a 2m long single rail mounting plate - with a 70mm wide base for a great adhesive surface. 


We started to make them commercially, in volumes that make them affordable :)  


Mounting points are at the highest point on the roof of the trailer - preventing potential water ingress.

Check them out in the video. We presently make kits to suit: 

  • Most hard top off-road trailers

  • Caravans

  • Hardshell rooftop tents

  • Flat roof vans / rolled roof vans

  • Conqueror Trailers (UEV 490, 440 and Lightning models)

Tough Touring Solar panel mounting kits are priced at $230 Freight included within Australia

The Kits will handle up to 23kg panels (1980mm x 1280mm) and comes with two mounting
rails x a tube of Sikkaflex, Rivetts and a red Anderson plug. 


This panel is suited to most RTT and Caravan applications. Please measure and advise
your tent/van available area and we will assemble the kit according to your application.

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