Isuzu DMAX

 Why Install RTT over the cab of a Dual Cab Ute

Over-cab installations on dual-cabs really are a great idea - the weight of the tent is centred between the wheels - giving the best vehicle balance when climbing and minimising the negative body roll effects of roof weight. You also get the room at the rear of the tent as a bit of a landing to give you some room to turn around before negotiating ladders - also that little bit of space at the rear is handy for carrying  additional touring gear.

Roof racks: made by  Tough Touring for these vehicles

we started building custom roof top tent mounting platforms for Dual Cab Utes some years back as we were super impressed by these vehicles improved handling on and off road with the Touring tents moved forward over the cab. 

We found that there were virtually no options for racks for these vehicles that could handle the load and or size of common Hard shell Roof top tents, and certainly none that were low mount, strong and balanced. 

So we built our own. 

There are two Tough Touring racks available for the Isuzu D Max  -
Stage 2 - Tent platform a cantilever design that is designed for strength and fast lift off of tent when not in use (200Kgs Offroad) 

STage 3 Roof Rack which also allows easy tent removal but is still a functioning roof rack with the tent off the vehicle. (160Kgs Offroad) 

More on our racks for Isuzu D Max here - 

Stage 3 Tough Touring Rack pic 7 ford Ranger 2018.jpg
Stage 3 Tough Touring Rack Shown Above and Below
Baroud Kit 3.jpg
Stage 2 Tough Touring Roof top tent mounting rack with Bundutop Tent and Ostrich wing awni
Rooftop tents: what's the best rooftop tent for these vehicles?

Bundutec Bundutop:

You can't beat the Bundutop for ease of Use, comfort in Wind, Rain, Heat or Cold, It offers privacy, space and luxurious offroad accommodation with a small footprint and light weight. its RV winch motor sets up the camp with a press of a button. They are among the lightest on the market at just 76Kgs Mattress in.


The Bundutop is a 4-sided lift with pop-out rain skirt - making it our number one rated tent for airflow and comfort especially in hot and humid areas.

When Fitting this tent to the Isuzu D Max  - Awnings need to be fitted directly to the tent - See here - (Rather than the rack) as the vehicle's available fitting spaces are too short for a mount on either the cab or the canopy...  

These tents can be made removable using Tough Touring Stage 2 or 3 Racks...

The Bundutop also offers the biggest flat roof area for solar power... Both the standard and King size tents will take 400w of solar panel using our Solar panel mounting kits... Its a massive point of difference with no other tent we know of being able to supply that much power as well as huge amount of available internal closed tent storage space out of the weather... Very handy for Extra Bedding etc.

Box 2.jpg

Tough Touring Builds a Portable Power Pack for Tub Tray Canopies


Shown Beside - The Portable Power Pack Punches out 700w of constant load power at 240Volts - As well as running numerous 12 volt gear like fridges and Compressors - taking in charge from Inbuilt DC DC charger and Solar Regulators to keep you powered right through weeks of touring.


The Pack is  water resistant and Easy to move beteen vehicles, making your tub tray or canopy a full blown power station when in camping mode, when back at work - slide out the power system and its back to open to use with tools and equipment like the day you bought it. More on these here