Isuzu DMAX, Holden Colorado, Rodeo

Over-cab installations on dual-cabs really are a great idea - the weight of the tent is centred between the wheels - giving the best vehicle balance when climbing and minimising the negative body roll effects of roof weight. You also get the room at the rear of the tent as a bit of a landing, or a space to carry additional touring gear.

The Holden Trailblazer (ISUZU DMAX)  beside is fitted with a Rhino Backbone roof load rail, then a Tough Touring tent to backbone adapter plate. The tent is fitted to the adapter plate with no need for a rack between, saving weight and height overall.. 

Not all tents can support their occupants this way - but we have found that Both the Eezi Awn Blade and stealth have very good lengthways strength and work in well with the adapter plate set up. 

Major benefits of this type of install include - Lower centre of gravity, low wind noise, low cost (Don't need to buy a rack) and the finish just looks really good ! (IMO).... 

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