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Single Cab Tray Vehicles

Single Cab Utes give tourers the most easy access options of all vehicles on the road, They suffer few issues with RTT, and tend to have 2.4m available space over the tray (Well balanced) for even the largest RTT. 

The difference then bewteen a shitty install and a great RTT install is how easily you can get in and out of your Roof tent, Walk up designs using the tray as a step up win hands down in daily touring / use of the tent. Lets face it - Ladders suck - especially in the middle of the night. So Get that tent installed low as you can and forward ! See an Example (Yes its on a Dual cab) in the video beside, Ive done a similar walk up set up on my own truck (Black Chevy Silverado).

Forward Mounting Tents and its effect on Awnings

Mounting any Roof top tent and Awning forward may also facilitate some space (Around 600mm)  at the rear of the canopy to climb up onto the canopy and turn around to get in the tent - and somewhere to turn around again before negotiating the ladder to get back down. (A really BIG PLUS with all rooftop camping).
If you can mount the tent forward. Do it! This is the best option. See our Dual cab Roof racks page  or search for Tough Tourings Purpose built over cab roof top tent roof racks   for your truck here.

For Vehicles installing plastic Roof tents, or tents that cannot mount their awning directly to the tent, Pole Less awings need to be installed on the canopy directly - this can be complex as the awning has to be thus wider than the Tents width, and the dual cabs canopyies alone are usually around 1650mm long - Too short to mount the awning on alone. This is Discussed in Detail here -

Bar planks Close Up.jpg

TUFF TREK MK 3 - The Roof Rack Roof Top tent 

Load Bearing Tents like the Tuff Trek Mk3 can also carry firewood or surfboards easily on top, creating an extra spot for gear. 

The Chevy Silverado Dual Cab Below shows that with a 2.2m Tub,  Tubs can be set up to allow walk up access to roof top tents, as well as still running a slide out camp kitchen, fridge, Slide in Renewable power station, Tool boxes and clothing storage, while still  keeping under canopy space for a dog and an open tray for firewood, bikes and extra water.

Awning and Tent  Fitting to Canopy:

For awning mounting options and bracket systems that work in with the Canopy roof tent camping set up - see information on Awnings. More information on poleless awning fitting kits can be found at Awning to tent brackets.

Tough Touring builds a unique 1750mm long Canopy Roof rack  for customers wanting to install Awnings and Tents that are either wider than the canopy top or for canopies that don't have the required mounting length...

More on this here - "Canopy Roof Rack"

Video above of Walk up into Roof top Tent  Canopy Design - (No Ladders)
Awning to canopy Brackets.jpg
If you are going to have to mount your RTT and Awning to the canopy - We build Roof racks for Canopys  - 

Tough Touring Canopy Rack - view it here

For Unistrut installations -  Top Hat CrossBar Planks can be bolted on directly - see here

Simple Tough Touring Canopy Cross bar kits are also available here

TOUGH TOURING Renewable Power Stations - 'Game Changer' - Allowing use of common houshold appliances

Tough Touring Builds Renewable Power Stations  - These are the fastest Solar and DCDC  recharging   Dual battery system weve seen. We couldnt buy them - So we Made them. They are particulary usefull powering Camper trailers and caravans off grid - using the Tow vehicle as a 'mobile' solar station and Generator.


Building the RPS units into our own laser cut cases, we are able to save a lot of manhours and keep production here in Australia - we can install these  in your canopy for about half the price of a like for like 'custom Dual Battery 'Install..

The RPS Cases have been  built in several sizes to allow 'Slide in' Slide out - and meet the power demands of the customers needing them.


Shown Below - Tough Touring  Renewable Power Stations (and the cases)  are water resistant and Easy to move between vehicles, They are easy to install - Especially if you have provision for a slide In/ Slide out section of your canopy . Its easy then to pull out the power system and put it away till next trip.  More details here -

RPS in Canopy 2.jpg
Silverado wa;l up.jpg
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