Canopy Tray Vehicles

Tray / canopy mounting surfaces offer the most versatile mounting platform for Hard shell roof top tents. 

Things to consider: 

  • Is your canopy wide and high enough to mount the tent you want - measure the space available across ways between the doors when open. Some canopy designs have 'Gull wing' doors which will take up some of the available room on top - width is always the issue. You just can't fit a 1350mm wide tent to a canopy with Gull wing doors that is only 1250 wide across the top. (So a rack will have to be fitted). 

  • If you do have the width available on the canopy top - is their enough width to also put awning support brackets/legs? If you intending to go pole less - the rear bracket is typically triangulated up to 600mm inwards to stiffen up the arm pivot point. Can the tent sit forward of this and will any sprung steel poles etc foul on the awning brackets. In many cases the best option is to mount awings directly to the side of the tent to get the height you need while keeping the tent low as possible. 

  • Adding the tent / awning and solar is going to add at least 110Kgs to the roof of the vehicle whilst its driving. Getting this weight balanced between the front and rear wheels will not only improve the vehicle's handling and climbing abilities on and off road, it will also give you some space at the rear or rear side of the vehicle to turn around before negotiating the ladder. (A really BIG PLUS with all roof top camping). If you can mount the tent forward. Do it. Its the best option. See pic of the Hilux below. 

The Hilux above has a Bundutop by Bundutec mid mounted on its canopy - allowing for the best possible vehicle balance and some welcomed space at the rear for turn around access to the tent. The 79 series Single cab also has the tent forward 400mm - Just enough space for a row of Jerry cans and a turn around.

Awning Fitting to Canopy:

For awning mounting options and bracket systems that work in with the Canopy roof tent camping set up - see information on Awnings.

More information on poleless awning fitting kits can be found at Awning to tent brackets.

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