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Awning Upgrades - Conqueror UEV 490 Trailers 


UEV 490 Poleless Awning bracket Kit

Accepts Supa Peg Outbound Sheild 6 Awning.


Why is it so difficult to fit up pole less wing awnings on the UEV 490 Trailers

UEV 490 cannot run wrap around awnings over the Bed at the front as the bed pitch is higher than the awnings swing out arms...


While there are many Forward fold 180 and Rear fold 270 Pole Less wing awnings on the market - The Outbound Supa Peg Sheild 6 is pretty much the only awning that works to date with the UEV 490... The Sheild 6 has changed the game with its 2.7m Long Back plate, - It just reaches the front and the back mount points of the Tough Touring Awning brackets we've made for the UEV 490 - wrapping  around the pop top - and we'd class the Sheild 6 as 'Heavy duty' capable of being left up when guyed down. 

To fit it  up readiy to the side of the trailer,  it requires the ridgid mounting brackets we make to be installed Infolded at either end of the trailers body - at 2.75m apart  - the infold brings the bracket ends close enough to get the sheild 6 on.

Just so you know why the multitude of other awnings don't work - ( The Bush Co xt Max, Darche 270 among others )All fall short of the length back plate required.

The Bundutec 360 and Bundutec 'L' awnings do come in a 2.95m backplate varient - These awnings were designed for cars (Owner present) however and do not meet 'Leave up' at base camp unattended wind ratings (very lightly built and are thus not reccommended)

Conqueror awesome Pic.jpg

Supa Peg Sheild 6 - A Quality Pole Less Awning  that suits  UEV 490 Conqueror Trailers.

Shown above on the UEV 490 During Testing ... Supa Peg Australia has released an well priced / quality Pole less awning - The Outbound Sheild 6' which is the right length at 2.7m to be installed using our Tough Touring Triangulation brackets.

The awning runs a 270 degree swing around at the rear and a 180 degree front swing out, meaning that the awning does not foul on the front bed. Its 2.7m long back plate is able to be secured at each end around the pop top roof on the 490 - its almost as if this awning was 'made for the 490'

Version 3 Brackets for this installation have been built and were ready for commercial installation of the masses. If your keen to see this awning on your trailer - brackets are in stock and ready to go. 

The Tough Touring Awning to Camper Bracket system we build consists of 4 Heavy duty parts and can take a full days work  to install. As there are no mounting bolts you can use on the trailer , All mounts need to be  installed via drilling a 11.8 or 12mm Hole, a Nutsert is fixed in (Using a Rivnut tool example shown here ) and sikka flex adhesive used on the large Awning bracket  base plates to prevent the thin Conqueror steel roof skin distorting.

You can find out more about the bracket set here - Tough Touring UEV 490 Brackets  

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