Conqueror UEV 440/490 Poleless wing awning brackets (fast fit)

Conqueror UEV 440/490 Poleless wing awning brackets (fast fit)


Tough Touring Conqueror Pole less wing awning brackets  are designed to rivett onto the 45 agnle on the top edge of the camper. The Sheet metal they rivett too  holds the foot in place, while a load bearing adjustable turnbuckle tensions the load on the plate moving the load off the side edge and onto the front and rear roof base section. 

All components rivett on and the included adhesive sealant ensures no leaks. 

Assembly and fitting times will vary but expect to be done in a few hours at the most with the brackets.  Awning fitting will depend on the awning your installing ... These brackets are immensely ridgid, and have been bush tested on our own conquerors for years without issue. The tensioning turnbuckle is important as very small angle changes on brackets are projected across the length of the awning arms. 

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