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Patriot Campers X1 and X2

Patriot campers build a beautiful / well finished unit.

Longer Term touring customers need fast set ups, Less after trip cleaning and Drying time, Increased Off Grid Power and additional storage for Long/Large items.  Tough Touring has maufactured upgrades to the Patriot to increase its vesatility in these areas:

* Increase Patriots Storage space (Firewood and Tables) by adding a rack and allowing the whole trailer top to be converted to a tray.

* Increase Patriots Renewable Power Supply by the Addition of Solar panels to the Trailer and the Tow vehicle and supporting recharging of the Patriot via Renewable Power Stations  (See Solar and RPS Solutions discussed on 'powering caravans' page)


* Addition of a Quality Hard Shell Roof top tent in lieu of the Fold out Patriot tent - Dramatically reduces set   up and pack up time and gets rid of drying canvas after trips.


We built a 350mm High Roof top tent rack with underside storage and to provide an ideal mounting base for a Roof topTent, Awning and an optional addition of chequerplate sheeting ontop of the trailers roof skin. (See Examples installed on patriot campers here

The Install of the Tough Touring Camper trailer rack is simple but quite time consuming. The Existing Patriot  Tent needs to be removed, and its rivetted on at about 100 points on the patriots lid. Lifting Awning arms are also removed, (They are no longer required as the  Tough Touring Patriot  Rack + the Roof top tent will give the trailer enough height to then mount Pole Less 270 degree awnings.


To Finish off the install nicely, a lot of customers want a chequerplate sheet finish to cover the 100's of rivet holes left by the old Patriot tent, a 1500 x 3.0m sheet is cut into 3 pieces and joined twice to cover the unusual roof shape of the patriot. (There is no 1 piece sheet you can buy that fits it).


Then its time for  Installation of  awning to tent brackets (So choose a roof top tent that allows mounting awning to the tent ) to simplify and further strengthen the awning mount - (the existing awning is often retired for something faster to set up like the Ostrich wing awning 270....) or for a larger awning that covers the entire rear as well as the fridge forward - the Supa Peg Sheild 6 does the job nicely. 

We sell all the components via our online store to do this installation yourself (Or use a local legend). 

Patriot phils 3.jpg


If your finding that your patriot cannot keep up with power demands when its not plugged in - your not alone. While increasing battery storage to 2 batteries will double its runtime,  Getting decent Power back into the Patriot when its parked up in its existing configuration via a Fold out solar panel is largely ineffective.


If your going to be parking up the camper in unpowered sites for periods of any longer than a day or two - read on... 

To Upgrade the Patriots Renewable Energy Supply -  Its best to LEAVE the Patriots Existing Red Arc built in Power systems as it is - (keeping the trailer origional) - and use your 4wd/Tow Vehicle as the energy source.

 Combinations of Solar and a Renewable Power Station in your tow vehicle  Will allow re charging the trailer after day trips.... There is a lot of discussion on this here 


Why Powering the Patriot by   'Plugging your Patriot into your cars inverter "  WORKS
Plug the Patriots Shorepower (240V charger input) is the patriots most powerful input charger. Its silent and will renew the Patriots battery supply quickly. 

More Information on  our purpose built Renewable Power Stations here.

Tough Touring  Renewable Power Stations  are a good example of a Simple Dual battery system that  can ' reganerate' itself through driving and or sunlight via solar on your truck. Power Generated by your trucks dual battery system  can be 'downloaded' into your patriot via a 15amp Caravan power lead. No modifications to the Patriot are necessary if your truck is already running a quality Dual battery sysem and Inverter. . 

PATRIOT X1 and X2 WITH BUNDUTOP TENT FITTED to Tough Touring  Roof top tent Rack

Patriot Rack 1.jpg
Patyriot 2 Phils.jpg


With the addition of a hardtop rooftop tent - or any flat hard surface, The Patriot has potential to install solar panels to increase its renewable power resources.  Patriot Trailers are Factory Fitted with A  Redarc Battery Management system. Which will readily accept hardwired solar panels - The Panels must be RV type '12 Volt' panels as the Redarc system limits inputs to under 27.5 Volts.

Tough Touring Builds Solar Panel Mounting kits that will secure 2 x 160w panels to the roof of your patriot, (Approx 1200mm x 1500mm total size).  - More on these here


While the Built in REDARC systems do accept a Maximum of 27.5 volts Input, (12 Volt Solar panel) -The Patriot trailers do not provide  any unprotected solar input ports on their trailers. (The Grey one on the drivers side is a direct line in to the battery and can be used with a portable solar panel via the included solar regulator, but cannot take a stand alone solar panel...)


Tough Touring Reccommends the addition of a Solar Line in - direct to the redarc solar input - Complete with its own Red anderson Plug to be installed on the drivers side, beside the existing grey port. The Red Anderson is keyed differently and will prevent accidently plugging anything else into the Solar line. Once you have a direct solar feed - your redarc system will be able to charge your house batteries to its full potential.

Installers of Panels muat ensure that you don't exceed the Redarc Systems maximum capabilities with only solar panel with Voltages with open circit voltages less than 27 Volts being suitable. 

Your Redarc panel will have a name - 'Magaer 25' etc, the '25 ' Indicates its AMP rating. 

The twin solar panel kit we reccommend for the Patriot can generate up to 7 Amps at 22 Volts... or around 10 Amps at MPPT corrected Voltage of 14.2volts. Well within Redarcs Capabilites and a very usuefull power addition. 

RPS installed in Canopy.jpg

If your wanting to upgrade the Patriots Power suppies - Tough Touring has found that the Installation of a  Renewable  Power Station   into your tow vehicle rather than ripping out the red arc sysetm is a better way to do it....  More on this discussion here 


For More information on some Clever Usability Upgrades / Modifications to the Patriot - Click here - "Advanced Trailer Modifications" 

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