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Tough Touring Renewable Power Systems

The Tough Touring typically builds Dual Battery systems into its own custom made Aluminium Components Cases. 

Tec is in the Background. Just plug in your Lead and use the power.  These units recharge themselves so quickly it will probably be full again before you finish making coffee.

Simple Voltage display tells you when your running low, Large Commercial Switch to turn off and on ensure you'll find it in the dark. 


To Save space with the Tec - The Tec Gear is all installed into servicable cases - The Dual Battery Systems installed in their cases are listed below

 RPS 1000w

 RPS 2000w

  RPS 3000w

Basic Tec SPec.

The Renewable Power System takes power from your trucks alternator and solar panel - and stores it in your Lithium Battery Pack  - converting it into clean 15Amp/240v power ready for use.. 

Inside the RPS - the unit is packed with powerfull chargers and a large inverter - Huge Cabling takes generated power to the  power outlets - 15Amp wall Socket, Fridge Connections, USB A,B,C etc. 

Unlike Portable power stations -  RPS units will 'Replentish' or 'Recharge' themselves in your vehicle at peaks of up to 960watts (RPS 1000) and

1800watts (RPS 3000). 

You can also recharge the systems at home using any 12 volt lifepo4 charger if desired.

All Inverter Power is Clean Pure Sinewave - Thanks to the quality Terroidal Victron Inverters used.

All Connection ports are Color coded and Keyed to prevent incorrect cable plugs going into wrong place. 

BACK Slim Jim.jpg
RPS 2000 open.jpg

Why did we have to start building something better than Dual Battery Systems ?

Our own growing energy needs have developed with Starlink, computers, 240V houshold appliances and E-powered bikes being important to the type of travel were doing these days. Built in Dual Battery systems work much the same way - but we wanted something portable - (and More affordable) - so we began building Powerfull Dual Battery Systems into Portable Cases - the RPS was born! 

SLIM JIM 3000.jpg

The Use of Tough Touring Dual Battery Systems to power Caravans and Tiny Homes

Tough Touring Renewable Power systems are able to refill themsevles up to 3 times a day - potentially delivering over 6kw per day into your van.  ​

It just makes sense to capture some of the enormous energy your truck uses whilst driving - and use it to power your caravan. Add Solar to the truck as well and you can park it in sunlight and passivlely keep capturing power while parked up. 


 "Download" the vehicles energy into your Caravan, tiny home or camper  when you need it - topping up the batteries in the camper is easy, just plug it in via a normal extension lead into the 15Amp /240v Power socket - your camper will think its plugged in to mains power - because it is ! 


 More on Tough Touring Dual Battery Systems use to power Caravans here 

The 'RPS' is essentially a Head unit - Your chosen Batteries are Plugged into the back and can be stored remotely (under seats - in cavities) to minimise the footprint of the gear.
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