Toyota Land Cruiser 200 

Hard shell rooftop tent fitting to the Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Tough Touring have manufactured super strong Roof racks specifically designed for the Land Cruiser 200 to provide the ideal foundations for rooftop tents and poleless awnings.​

The Tough Touring Racks are designed for Heavy Roof loads typical of off road touring and roof tents.:

  • Lowest fit-up on the market

  • Low wind noise

  • Minimise Body roll and bolted not welded 

  • Rack Planks bolt up on the outside edge so that they accessable beside the vehicle making tents removable easily  

  • Tough Touring racks have been designed to not foul on the rear wind fairing when using Pole Less awnings.

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Why use our roof rack and roof rails from scratch

Awning Problems:

Most roof racks run right back to the wind fairing on a Land Cruiser 200 which means that there is no way you can fit a poleless wing awning to a standard rack.

Problems fitting rooftop tents:

When fitting roof tents to the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series, standard roof racks sit pretty high...  They are often not wide enough either to suit the mounting points on RTT. 

a LC 200 With Bundutop and Tough Touring Roof Rack.jpg.jpg
Toyota LC 200 With Bundutop and Tough Touring Roof Rack.jpg

It is all about strength and a low profile - we manufacture our own Roof rack foot rails for highest strength and lowest fitment possible.

See our Roof Rack for the LC 200  here

Tough Touring 200 Series Roof Rack  are:

  • The lowest profile roof rails

  • Highest strength

  • Top edge folds outwards on all our foot rails

  • Suits  roof top tents from 1320mm wide and up

  • Suits poleless wing awnings without fouling on wind fairing

LC 200 with Ostrich wing awning.jpg