Toyota Land Cruiser 200 

Tough Touring Roof Foot Rails 150 Series

WHY USE OUR ROOF RACK Roof Rails from scratch :

1. Problems with Awnings ;

Most roof racks run right back to the wind fairing on a LC 200 Which means that there is no way you can fit a pole less wing awning beside the rack. (It has to go on top and 80mm forward of the rear of the rack which is Very high and stuffs up your chances of getting in to just about any car park)

2. Problems fitting Roof tents:

When fitting roof tents to  200 Series- standard roof racks add more height than is necessary, more weight, and are usual void of fixing points that suit the tent.  To make things even worse, they add more wind noise and drag. (As well as being expensive and useless under the tent)   

If its all about strength and a low profile - We manufacture Our own Roof rack foot rails for highest strength and lowest fitment possible. - See our Roof Rack Foot rails here

Hard shell Roof top Tent fitting to Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Tough Touring have manufactured Tent to Vehicle Fitting kits specifically designed for the LC200 to provide the ideal foundations for roof top tents. and pole less awnings.​


* Lowest fit up on the market

* Low wind noise

* Superior strength in design

* Tent to bracket bolts accessable externally making tents removable easily  
* Tough Touring rails have been designed to work in with many Pole-less 270 wing awnings to allow low fitment and not foul on the rear wind fairing


See our Store page  for the kit used in the photo's  'Tent to 200 Kit'

Xt Pic 1.jpg
Tough Touring Roof Foot rails 150 Prado

Pole Less Wing awnings and the 200 Series Toyota

Ostrich Wing Awnings 
If your after a quality awning for your 200  - Have a look at the Ostrich. Its the Origional 270 Degree Pole Less Awning, It features 100% canvas construction and Trussed arms in aluminium keep it light and strong. 

It takes 4 panels via Huge Zippers to all sides, and can be used as a wind shelter. 


Bush Company XT Awning:

 A beautifully made awning - fast set up and very solid.  Works with this vehicle especially if a Bush Co tent is also being installed as the Last arm on the awning finishes on the LOW side.   Mounting this awning onto this vehicle is tricky. Racks need to be moved forward or Custom Mounting holes drilled into the awning to get it tight up to the rear face of the rack.  On the vehicles we've done it on - We mounted the Awning brackets on top of the rack for extra Height and Room..  Customers at 6"6 or taller see no disadvantage in the height increase anyway :)

The Best Rooftop Tents for the 200 series : (In No particular order, just our picks and why)

We have fitted Bundutops, Eezi-Awn Stealth, Boss Aluminium, Camp King and Bush Company Alpha/Black series tents to these vehicles. All tents mentioned do exceed the vehicles reccommended (warranted) roof load limits. 

The Bush Company Alpha/Delta
This is a good strong tent, and its able to be mounted nice and low : if you already have a roof rail like Rhino backbone, or Front runner rack feet, then you can fit this tent directly to the roof rails (Without a rack ) using our  roof rail adapter plate .See more on it here... Tough Touring Tent to vehicle kit. The Bush Company Tents suit the look of the vehicle well and are a well made unit. The are without doubt the tent to have if you are going to have to carry very heavy gear on the roof while touring... 

Boss Aluminium RT1
Customers seeking ultimate comfort in Wind Rain Heat have fitted Boss Aluminium,  tents to 200's with great success. This tent is Huge - Its High Lift clamshell  design and meticulous Australian Manufacturing puts this beast of a tent ahead of the competition. The Boss can carry swags while also running solar - as well as carrying an inner spring mattress and 'home like' electrical comforts... The High spec versions of this tent are incredible. 

Bundutec Bundutop

For those wanting to remove any physical effort from their set up and pack up - you can't beat the bundutop with its RV winch motor sets up the camp with a press of a button. The Bundutop is a 4 sided lift with pop out rain skirt - making it our no.1 rated tent for Airflow and comfort especially in Hot and Humid areas. - These tents can be made removable via 4 latches after holidays using the   "Tough Touring Cradle Mount'

Eezi Awn Stealth - 

The stealth' is compact, ultra low profile Tent that has built in external ladder storage and is the thinest looking quality tent on the market.  When you open it, It creates a much larger than usual internal space via a scizzor lifting front, Making it almost a 4 sided lift design.
Our No1. Pick for a good nights sleep in Gale force weather - Super stiff and no flapping !!! It could also be our choice for the best looking tent on the 200. A Top performer all round and hard to beat price too... ... Check it out. 

200 Series Roof Rails by tough touring.j

"Tough Touring Roof Rack Foot rails shown here
*Lowest profile
*Highest strength.
*Top edge folds outwards on all our foot rails.
* Suits  Roof top tents from 1320mm wide up. 

* Suits Pole less wing awnings without fouling on wind fairing

Finished Fitting Ostrich to Rhino Trades

All Awnings shown are fitted to the rack using Tough Touring "UP mount brackets" - Go to our 'Shop" page to Buy Tough Touring UP brackets for these Pole less awnings

Up Bracket on 200 Rhino rack Note Wind F
Up Bracket on 200.jpg

See Our fitting instructions PDF above for more info on fitting a pole less wing awning to a Rhino or ARB rack.

On the Land Cruiser 200 series  -  There is not enough Space between the Opening Tailgate Wind Fairing and the roof racks to  Install a Pole-Less 270 awning to this vehicle.

With  'modifications ' to some of the pole less awnings in the market,  they can be made to fit in the gap between the opened rear door and the racks, We explain how its done in instructions above.  
Alternatively if you wish to install a pole less awning - we manufacture a specific roof rack to solve this problem. See it here