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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 

One of Australias Favorite Touring vehicles, The 200 series has a few hurdles with carrying tents and awnings as discussed below. 

Pole less awnings and getting them on a 200 series:

Most roof racks run right back to the wind fairing on a Land Cruiser 200 which means that there is no way you can fit a poleless wing awning to a standard rack. The Tough Touring Rack solves this problem, sitting 80mm forward of the wind fairing with tailgate open. We also maufactured an Awning to rack bracket system which can be bolted straight up to common quality Aussie racks like Rhino rack piopneers, Arb base. and Front runner racks These Brackets are listed here

Fitting rooftop tents to the 200 series (Roof Racks) :

When fitting roof tents to the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series, standard roof racks sit pretty high and are often not wide enough to suit the mounting points on RTT. Some Tents like the Tuff Trek MK3 beat these issues by essentially being a roof rack as well as a roof top tent.   More on Tough Touring Roof top tent Roof Racks here 

It is all about strength and a low profile - we manufacture our own Roof rack foot rails for highest strength and lowest fitment possible.

See our Roof Rack for the LC 200  here

a LC 200 With Bundutop and Tough Touring Roof Rack.jpg.jpg
Tough Touring LC200 to Bush Co Tent Kit.jpg
LC 200 with Ostrich wing awning.jpg
unnamed (1).jpg
LC200Bundutop King Tough Touring Solar kit Ostrich wing awning.jpg
Tough Touring Platform Rack on 200 Series.jpg
Up Bracket on 200.jpg
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