Toyota 200 Series

The 200 series presents a few difficulties with fitting up with touring gear:

  1. Despite being a large 4WD its roof width is very narrow. Making roof top tents look large.

  2. It is a very quiet vehicle on the road, as a result accessories, racks , awnings and tents can be deemed 'NOISY'

  3. The Rear Lift up tailgate door is fitted with a wind fairing - That protrudes upward stopping ladders into tents working, and getting in the way of wrap around awnings.

  4. Roof load limits are very Low. 



If you wish to go offroad touring in these vehicles - careful planning and sourcing of the right components is essential.  Don't go out and buy stuff expecting it to just fit. It might. But it might not. 

Roof Top Tent Fitting to 200 Series with an existing roof rack

Roof Rail Adapter plate for a low and quiet drive

Some time ago we began to manufacture a roof rail adapter system that allows fitment of the Bush Company Alpha and Black series directly to FRONT RUNNER roof rails - see roof rail adapter plates here  (negating the need for the platform rack itself).  More recently, we adapted the roof rail adapter system to suit Prado vehicles especially in combination with the Boss Aluminium RT1 , Eezi Awn Plate or Stealth Tents too...
for the combination of Front Runner and  Landcruiser Prado 150 and 200, the work has already been done. and roof rail adapter plates are a bolt up operation - no drilling required. The Adapter plates also 'square up' the taper in the roof line of the prado rails - giving owners the opportunity to make their roof tent fit up easily removable as all mounting bolts are accessable on the outside of the roof rail (can be accessed beside the vehicle)

Roof Top Tent fitting to 200 Series with NO Existing roof rack.

Tough Touring Roof Rails for Toyota LC 200 Series

Tough Touring have manufactured roof rails specifically for  the 200 series to  provide the ideal foundations for roof top tents. .​

Tough Touring Roof rails are unique in design, folding 'outwards' to allow easy access to the tents mounting bolts - They sit around 30mm lower than all other know rails, keeping the tent low as possible on the vehicle.
The Outward mount profile  allows easier tent fitting and removal - 
While negating East west Crossbars on some tent types will further minimise vehicle height and wind noise. for more information on our roof rails - see here - Tough touring roof rails -  

Roof Racks:

On the 200 Series can sound quite noisy, especially the East west Bar style racks - the 200's a wisper quiet 4wd by comparison to the 4wds of the past. Many of the modern IFS SUV's suffer from the same issues when mounting racks, then tents and awnings. We test 4 different racks above for wind noise and finally find / make our own solution in the video above. To see more visit the Land rover discovery 3/4 page. The D4 has real problems with noisy racks and owning one myself nearly sent me broke rectifying it. The same lessons can be avoided on the 200.... Talk to us if you're going to fit up a hard shell tent, awning, rack and do a lot of high speed highway driving on road tyres especially).

If its all about strength - Front runner roof rails and Slimline2 basket is the highest rated rack we know of - we are suppliers of Front Runner accessories - gear to suit the 200 is listed here on Front runner website.

Pole Less Wing awnings and the 200 Series Toyota

Ostrich Wing Awnings can be fitted using Tough Touring Brackets:
If your running a quality roof rack - Probably the Best suited awning for the 200 is the Ostrich... Tough Touring "up' or "mid-mount" Universal Awning to Rack Brackets. will need to be installed to get the strength and twist resistance required. Note that the rear wind deflector fairing is still fitted to the vehicle. Rear door and Wind Deflector clearance is achieved - awning coverage / rigidity is excellent. This is, in our opinion, the fastest set-up pack-down, ease of use awning/bracket combination we've done for this truck...

Bush Company XT Awning:

If fitting a touring rack and awning without a rooftop tent - The Bush Co XT awning needs to be mounted an additional 100mm higher than the Ostrich awning due to its lower lost arm - when it swings around it hits the wind fairing unless mounted higher. A beautifully made awning - fast set up and very solid.  Works particularly well if a Bush Co tent is also being installed. 

"With the 200 its wise to speak to your vehicle fitter for advice on 'marrying up' a combo of tent/awning/rack that works together well."

The Best Rooftop Tents for the 200 series : (our picks and why)

We have fitted Bundutops, Eezi-Awn Stealth, Boss Aluminium, Camp King and Bush Company Alpha/Black series tents to these vehicles. All tents mentioned do exceed the vehicles reccommended (warranted) roof load limits. So be careful. Warranties are void.

The Bush Company Alpha/Delta
We manufacture a roof rail adapter plate which eliminates the need for the platform rack when fitting Bush Company tents see Tough Touring Tent to vehicle kit. The Bush Company Tents suit the vehicle well and are a well made unit. The are without doubt the tent to have if you are going to have to carry gear on the roof while touring... 

Boss Aluminium RT1
Customers seeking ultimate comfort in Wind Rain Heat have fitted Boss Aluminium, Camp King tents to these vehicles with great success. Huge space - Simple proven design and meticulous Australian Manufacturing shine in these designs. The Boss can carry swags while also running solar - as well as carrying an inner spring mattress and home like electrical comforts... 

Bundutec Bundutop
For those wanting to remove any physical effort from their set up and pack up - you can't beat the bundutop with its RV winch motor and Ultimate Airflow and comfort. When used in conjunction with Tough Touring fittment accessories (Cradle Mounts) - These tents can be made removable after touring holidays  using the Bundutop Ceiling hoist (or your own lifting equipment) - See it here "Tough Touring Cradle Mount'

Eezi Awn Stealth - 

Regularyly overlooked - The stealth is whisper quiet on the roof and is a poor weather performer. Its sleek profile possibly makes it the best suited long distance/high speed performer on the 200... Check on out. 

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