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Installation of The Tuff Trek Mk 3 Hard Shell Tents

The Tuff Trek Mk3 Tent is essentially a roof rack you can sleep in. It has major benefits over other tents due to its East west Crossbars built into its base, allowing lower and Lighter Installation to many vehicles.

There are various installations available to people wanting to add these tents to their vehicle setups.

  1. Tuff Trek Mk3 tent to Existing Roof Racks - POOR OPTION
    The Tuff Trek Mk 3 has 2 x M8 Bolt tracks running  North-South underneath the tent (Aluminium Welded on) And an Included Clamp set up allows clamp-on fitment to most roof bars or roof racks on the market, no drilling required. This Method is Very Sound however adds Height to your installation - as well as making the roof rack redundant...(covered by the tent and is thus the rack iteself  just becomes  added height and weight). 


  2. Tuff Trek Mk3 Tent to Canopy - BEST TO INSTALL OVER CAB On Dual CAB UTES... See more on this here - 
    The North-South M8 Slotted  spacing rails underneath tent can be used to  through bolt the tent into mounting holes drilled into flat aluminium or steel canopy roofs - Its a tricky install requiing precise machinery to lower the tent on, and getting the bolts to line up with the holes is really difficult.... But it can be done.
    It is usually Much easeier to install a low mount roof rack Fitted over the Cab of Dual Cab Utes, Allowing 'Walk up into the tub' to get into the tent (no Ladders) and  (See tough touring canopy racks here ) - 

  3. Tough Trek Mk 3 Tent Directly to vehicle. BEST OPTION 

    You can Bolt The Tuff Trek tent directly to your truck via Tough touring Roof rail fitting kits - Using the Tuff trek tent as the roof rack... 

    This is the GO For the Lowest, Lightest , strongest install - 

    This type of installation requires Tough Touring roof rails to be fitted first - Then the Tuff Trek tent is lowered in place and mounting bolt holes carefully maked onto the East west cross bars on the tent. The tent is then removed, and Nutserts inserted into the tents cross rails at the precise mounting points. It is then re lowered onto the rails and bolted up. Its a lower / Lighter and stronger way to install this tent, and quite a unique feature that allows major weight and height savings. 

    The Tuff trek Mk3 Tent has 40mm x 20mm  East west Aluminium RHS crossbars welded into its base - making it the ideal mounting point for direct Tent to roof rail installation. (The Tent itself basically becomes the roof rack platform) . Any of our Tough Touring roof racks listed  on this site are able to be used (but without needing the cross bars ) and the tent fitted to the rack rails directly.  More info on this will be available soon on our shop page here -

Tuff Trek on 100 Install.jpg
Tuff Trek Rails.jpg
" The Tuff Trek Mk3 Roof Tent is shown in the background installed using Tough Touring Fitting rails (On the 100 series) - A Similar Install on the Disco 3 with a Typical 300mm Thick RTT (Bundutop) and our Tough Touring Roof rack  (The Lowest on the market) shows the amazing effect of the Tuff Treks East west cross bars and Elimination of the Cross Bars Achieves  - LOWER - STRONGER - LIGHTER - BETTER" 

You can Order the Tuff Trek Fitting Kit here  - Tuff Trek Mk3 Tent to vehicle roof rack kit -

The Tuff Trek Mk 3 is a great choice for 4wd wagons, as you can put gear on the roof -Its  load carrying abilities adds so much storage space...  without being a heavy tent... Its 87Kgs is really light when you consider that your also deleting the roof rack weight -  Check out our Tough Touring Fitting kits to make sense of the install reccommended for this tent.

Tough Touring Rails on Disco 3 Tuff Trek2.jpg
Tough Touring Rails on Disco 3 Tuff Trek3 4.jpg
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