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Solar Panel Mount Kits

Tough Touring Solar panel mounting kits are priced at $300+  Freight. The Kits will handle up to the largest of household panels (the Jinko 415w / 36Volt /23kg panels) (1980mm x 1280mm)
The Kit comes with two mounting rails x a tube of Sikkaflex, Rivetts and a red Anderson plug pre wired with a new Loom. 
This panel is suited to most RTT and Caravan applications. There is some major benefits of running household solar panels over traditional 12volt RV panels - Power to weight - discussed on the link below - "maximising Solar Power'   


Why use 'Framed' Solar panels over 'Slimline' Panels.
Solar Panels need proper ventilation to stay cool enough to work efficiently. Our testing showed that panels lose over 50% of their power as surface temps go over 50 degrees Celsius... 

The simple aluminium box frame design of most panels available is not suitable for mounting to vehicle roofs. (there is no base to fix to.) The Slimline glue down panels get hot too quickly to be of any use, and the plastic block mounts you can purchase are heavy, expensive and require you to drill holes everywhere in your roof! 

Whilst we experimented with the readily available 50 x 50 aluminium angle, we needed a wider footprint to get a good bond surface for adhesives bond the enormous panels properly to the roof. We designed a 2 metre long single rail mounting plate - with a 70mm wide base and cut it in the thicker 3mm Sheet for a much stronger mount and large adhesive surface. 

We presently make kits to suit:

Solar Power on Car.jpg
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