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Basket Rack to Awning Kit

This kit suits almost every Basket Rack with the top hoop bar up to 30mm inset. (ARB, Chinese Basket Racks).

Basket Rack to Awning Kit
Price: $330 + Shipping
ARB Basket rack fitted with Tough Tourin

These Basket style racks have some advantages:

  • Immense strength

  • Easy access points for guy ropes or nets

  • Solid movement free storage

And some disadvantages:

  • You can't add a rooftop tent

  • Hoops that are welded to perimeter foul on awnings - so awnings need to be fitted outward using a block/spacer

  • The cage mesh on the top surface will wear through plastic jerry cans over time. 

If you're fitting our Basket rack to awning bracket set, you will need the following: 

  • Drill, rivet gun

  • Nutsert / rivnut tool

  • Usual spanners / Allen keys

The awning fitted in our pictures and video below is an Ostrich Wing awning. It comes pre-fitted with 20mm spacer plates on the rear backplate - allowing fitment of the awning to this type of basket rack without requiring spacer/blocks. The awning sits between the upper and lower basket inset.

All other known types of awnings will require 20-25mm spacers to fit up the awning outside the protruding rack top hoop bar supports. Please advise us if this is the case - (Darche 270, Bundutec 360, Quick Pitch, 30 Second and others all need the extra block kit to use this bracket set.) 

Please note that 200 Series Toyota and Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 have wind fairing rear spoilers that will often foul on 270-degree awnings. Careful positioning and adjustment are essential to get the fitment to work, alternatively, removal of the spoiler is advised. The Rack pictured below is an ARB 'Aluminium Series' rack - fitted to a Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser.

ARB Basket rack fitted with Tough Tourin
Tough Touring Basket Rack bracket to sui
Ostrich on 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser
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