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MID Mount Bracket Kits

Mid Mount bracket kits Sit 120mm Above your rack, and Position the Awning Beside your rack. The Bracket Face overall Measures  190mm (So 70mm of it sits below the racks level top surface). 

The Mid Mount Awning to Rack Brackets are Laser cut to fit directly to Rhino Pioneer platform racks, ARB base rack and Front Runner Slimline 2 racks - Bolting directly to mounts already on the racks. Mounting T Bolts and or other required bolts and hardware is included in the kit. 

Please note that vehicles with limited space between the top of the door and bottom of the rack need to take into consideration the awnings potentially fouling and go for UP mounts..., (eg: Nissan Patrol GU, GQ, Y62, Land Rover Disco 3,4,5.)

Vehicles with Rear LIfting Doors or high spoilers (LC200 and Discovery 4 and 5) Will experience door strike on opening the rear door to height using these brackets. We'd reccommend UP Mount Awning to rack brack brackets on these vehicles. 

MID Mount below shown fitting a Ostrich 270 Wing awning to an ARB Base rack as well as an example on a rhino rack pioneer platform. 

MD mount arb base to awning.jpg
MID  -Mount Bracket Kit
Price: $300 + Shipping

Mid-Mount Universal Awning to rack bracket.

Suits Tough Touring Racks, ARB Base Racks, Rhino Pioneer Rack, Front runner Slimline 2 -  See Pic below for Front section of the mount kit... 

Long Hook.jpg
"The Tough Touring MID mount brackets are the Easiest to fit of all our bracket kits. For MID mount bracket to Rhino Racks - The Kit comes with slide in T Bolts - With ARB Base rack, The brackets bolt into their bridging plates... No Holes to drill... Easy. 
Front MID mount awning to rack bracket.jpg
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