Mid Mount Bracket Kits

As per the Universal bracket kit, the Mid-Mount bracket kit suits vehicles with limited space between the top of the door and bottom of the rack, and where more height is not needed (eg: Nissan Patrol GU, GQ, Y62, Land Rover Disco 3,4,5.)


The Mid-Mount also fits any other rack where a midway position is needed.

MID Mount below shown fitting a Darche 270 Wing awning to a rhino rack pioneer platform. 

The Darche requires a Aluminium Spacer block also in some installations.

Mid-Mount Bracket Kit
Price: $300 + Shipping
Darche to Rhino Rack using Mid Mount Tou

Rear section pictured below during fitting, In this case the Bracket is being fitted to an OCAM trade rack on a Toyota Prado 150

Mid-Mount Universal Awning to rack bracket.

Suits GU, GQ, Discovery 3,4. See Pic below for Front section of the mount kit... 

mid mount tough touring brackets being f
Mid mount 1.jpg

There are varients available for this Kit to suit the many different racks on the market. In some cases (Shorter racks under 1800mm) it is more advisable to run the larger rear bracket in a mirror image at the front also, to ensure maximum strength and support is given to the rack. 

Pole less trussed wing awnings exert enormous twist force on racks! - Please advise us of your particular racks dimensions / type and material when ordering your Mid mount brackets. We will tailor the kit to your needs. 

Mid mount bracket assembed for ARB rack.

Mid mount brackets shown beside on the right - the angle piece can be riveted in various positions to achieve adjustments in mount height - 

The one Beside is being mounted to a ARB Ascent flat trade rack.  Two M8 Bolts are used through the top plate (Though Bolted as in Picture) - and One on the face plate - In this case the single face plate m8 Was fitted using a nutsert. It could be through bolted also but access under the rack is harder...

Nutserts or Rivnuts are preferred for fitting to most rack types - Pictured beside is a mid mount being fitted up to a rhino platform rack. 

For information on fitting the awning after brackets are fitted - please go to the 'awnings' pages themselves. Some video information is available there on the Ostrich fit up. 

MID mount tough touring bracket fitted t
ARB Rack with Tough Touring Mid mount br
Tough Touring Mid mount bracket holding