Toyota Land Cruiser 200 


The Best Rooftop Tents for the 200 series : In no particular order, just our picks and why

We have fitted Bundutops, Eezi-Awn Stealth, Boss Aluminium, Camp King, Moremi Sport and Bush Company Alpha, Black series and Delta tents to these vehicles. The Big challenge with the 200 series in regard to roof tents is getting the tent mounted low and strong on the truck - so we made our own roof racks to suit this vehicle...

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Bundutec Bundutop:

You can't beat the Bundutop for ease of Use, comfort in Wind, Rain, Heat or Cold, It offers privacy, space and luxurious offroad accommodation with a small footprint and light weight. its RV winch motor sets up the camp with a press of a button. 


The Bundutop is a 4-sided lift with pop-out rain skirt - making it our number one rated tent for airflow and comfort especially in hot and humid areas.

When Fitting this tent to the LC 200 - Awnings need to be fitted directly to the tent - See here - (Rather than the rack) as the rear of the vehicle Tapers inward and is quite narrow - allowing an unaccptable amount of flex through the racks. Tents Over 1400mm Wide start to look very Big on this vehicle. 


These tents can be made removable via 4 latches after holidays using the Tough Touring Cradle Mount.  - Included in our 'Bundutop Platform rack'
The Bundutop KING in Particular suits the LC 200 well - It overhangs the roof line by approx 100mm - and gives 200 owners a bit more space inside the tent out of the weather for storage of lightweight gear like hiking chairs, flatpacked luggage, towel bags, sleeping bags etc that you just run out of dry storage room for in the tiny rear cargo area. 

The Bundutop also offers the biggest flat roof area for solar power... Both the standard and King size tents will take 400w of solar panel using our Solar panel mounting kits... Its a massive point of difference with no other tent we know of being able to supply that much power as well as internal closed tent storage space out of the weather.

LC200 Bundutop King Tough Touring Low mount rack.jpg

Authors Summary:
"The Bundutec Bundutop with its 'Skirt' and 4 Straight set perpendicular walls is Just Unbeatable for comfort in wind rain and heat." When you buy a 200 - Your paying for one to be in the "comfortable offroad category". Based on Ease of use/Big Panel options and internal storage when travelling - The Bundu KING wins it by a whisker - however if If your a bit OCD over finish quality - The Boss Overlander would be the option to go for with its perfect finish."

LC200 with Bundutop King.jpg
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Boss Aluminium RT1:


Customers seeking ultimate comfort in wind, rain, heat and wanting a Manual Lift clamshell can't go past the Boss RT1. We have fitted Boss Aluminium tents to 200's with great success. This tent is huge - it has a high lift clamshell design and meticulous Australian manufacturing puts this beast of a tent ahead of the competition for finish overall and clever design.


The Boss can carry swags whilst also running solar - as well as carrying an inner-spring mattress and 'home like' electrical comforts. The high spec versions of this tent offer home like comforts - ipad mounts, dimmable lights - you name it. 
The Boss RT1 Sits on 40mm High Fitting rails, and at 320mm thick - its overall height starts to creep up with this tent installed. We'd Reccommend running this tent on our rack - which is designed to get this tent as low as possible on the LC 200 while giving the strength required to carry its 110kgs.

LC200Bundutop King Tough Touring Solar kit Ostrich wing awning.jpg
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Eezi Awn Stealth: 

The Stealth is compact, ultra low profile tent that has built-in external ladder storage and is the thinnest looking quality tent on the market. 


When opened, the internal space is made much larger than usual via a scizzor lifting front, making it almost a 4-sided lift design. It is our number one pick for a good nights sleep in gale force weather. It is super-stiff and has no flapping!!!


It could also be our choice for the best looking tent on the 200. A top performer all round and hard to beat price too. Check it out!! Using our Rack it can be mounted so low it looks like its built into the roof of the truck :)